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Your Soul Ecology: Tools for Your Life Garden Part II

Posted by on May 23, 2013 in Archetypes - Soul Psychology in the Fingerprints, For Entrepreneurs, For Students and Hand Analysts | 1 comment

Are you getting your hands dirty this season?  As a hand analyst, I believe that the rich minerals in your soul require that you get a little dirty now and then.  Hope you enjoy Part II of this season’s musings.

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You want a rich harvest, right?  Who wouldn’t love to have the life garden of his or her dreams?  But stuff has happened, stuff happens, stuff Soul Harvestwill happen and life gets in the way sometimes.

We have developed a powerful visual tool to use when guiding you from a life that barely produces to one of abundance.  I call this your Soul Ecology Cycle.  In Part II, I’ll show you the visual reference to the cycle of your Life Purpose and your Life Lesson as it courses from the Exalted to the Vicious ends of the cycle and back again.  And you’ll get to read about some examples of this.

Your fingerprints, indelibly imprinted 5 months before you were born, reveal your Life Purpose potential and uncover the obstacle that you face in embodying that potential.  We call that obstacle your Life Lesson, the main thing you are here to work on, to learn more about.  Your Soul Ecology Cycle looks like the figure 8 below.  If you are growing more conscious of you Life Lesson and learning to express your Life Purpose than your Life Lesson goes to the exalted position along side your Life Purpose.  If you are trying to sweep your Life Lesson under the rug, deny it, ignore it, circumstances escalate and your Life Purpose goes belly up and heads down to join your Life Lesson challenges in the Vicious Cycle.

The cycle of Life Purpose and Life Lesson, fingerprints

The Soul Ecology Cycle

Here are 2 examples so that you can see how it works.  Oh, and contact me if you want to work with me on your Soul Ecology! The 1st 5 who do, receive their Ecology Cycle for FREE!  Hurry!

  • Example 1Life Purpose is the Healer or the Inspirational Communicator – someone who has the ability to inspire others to take action to heal on their own behalf. Life Lesson is Powerlessness or making Power Errors.

Exalted version:  She is doing well working on her Life Lesson and she is stepping up as a healer.  Her Life Lesson then becomes part of her Life Purpose path – to be an influential healer.  She is making a powerful impact as an inspirational communicator.

Vicious version:  She is ignoring her Life Lesson and experiencing power struggles, doubt and indecisiveness thus her Life Purpose flips upside down and slides into Vicious land.  She becomes isolated, withdrawn and untrusting of her inner voice.  This is the underbelly of her Life Purpose as the healer.

  •  Example 2: Life Purpose is the Artist, the Individualist in the Spotlight.  Life Lesson is about self worth, self sabotage and guilt.  Same process in the cycle described in Example 1.

Exalted version: All systems go for his Life Purpose and he is growing more aware of how the Life Lesson shows up everyday.  Now he becomes the mentor/standard bearer in the spotlight (the exalted version of this Life Lesson).  A one of a kind, appreciated, applauded mentor for others to step out of low self esteem into the spotlight of their dreams.

Vicious version: Lo, he is avoiding his soul work and the vicious cycle begins.  With low self esteem and self sabotage he feels guilty and unworthy so much that his Life Purpose heads south into the vicious cycle.  The inverse of the Artist/Individualist life purpose has many faces.  To name a few – the conformist, hiding out, defending or masking his true individuality, needy, fearful of rejection, apathetic and not sure where he belongs.

Got a glimpse, a feel for what it might be like in this continual flow of the Soul Ecology Cycle?  If you want your Soul Ecology to be healthy and productive, then becoming familiar with the continual up and down of the cycle.   Your unique Exalted and Vicious cycles can be the grand plan for this year’s garden.  Happy tending!  May your harvest be rich.

Maybe you’ll be the luck one to receive your Cycle FREE!  Be one of the 1st 5 to contact me.

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  1. Another excellently explained and fascinating view of how our hands can be a map to successfully navigate our lives. Thank you! 🙂

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