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Why all these lines in my palm? What about the color? My fingers bend. Why?

Posted by on November 6, 2012 in Archetypes - Personality Psychology in the palms | 0 comments

Take a look at your palms and fingers right now. Compare them to another family member, friend and neighbor. Do you see any differences?   The lines, shape, length of your fingers and even color of your palm add up to your personality psychology.  How do you relate, think?  What are your main motivations, behaviors?

Take a look at the creature depicted here. Note that the hands and mouth dominate. These proportions tell us how much information is coming from the brain to different parts of the body. As you bump up against life, have new experiences, your brain changes. The term is neuroplasticity. So it is a no-brainer to make the connection – lots of information is coming from your brain into your hands. So, the color (emotional state at a point in time), the bend in your fingers (how you have responded to bumps in the road), your lines (how you emote, how you think, your drive and direction over time) and the list goes on…are simply reflecting your brain’s natural or immediate response to life.  Your personality type will behave differently than your neighbors or even family members way of responding to life’s gifts and challenges.

Share your observations with me. Do you have a special bend in your fingers, red sections of your palm or are they over all a little yellow? Are your fingers long or short relative to your palm?  Start noticing and comparing. You’ll be amazed. Amaze us with some of your findings!  I am happy to work with you on getting your personality on track and true so that your Soul Contract – found indelibly imprinted in your fingerprints – can be embodied and fulfilled.