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What’s Your formula for Living Your Life Purpose?

Posted by on February 6, 2015 in Archetypes - Soul Psychology in the Fingerprints, For Students and Hand Analysts | 0 comments

a liffe of purposeLive Your Life of Purpose-Find Your Formula for Success

This really takes a full discussion and exploration. Let’s have fun now with the possibilities of your purpose and how to find your special formula for living it. You can go deeper with our books, training and private consultations with us here at HandTales.c0m

An Overview

Your hands contain many things, including your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School. These are revealed in your fingerprints. AND the rest of your hands reflect your personality expression including your gifts, motivations, behaviors, your personality archetype….and more.
You may have the Life Purpose of the Artist and a friend or family member has this too.

So what’s unique about it then?  O.K., let’s say you both have the Life Purpose of the “Artist” and:

  • You have the Life Lesson of Low Self Worth. The other person who also has the Life Purpose of the “Artist”has a Family Life Lesson.
  • You have simple, solid hands, steady, reliable and your preferred heart expression is stoic/private. The other person has the personality archetype that is dramatic and expressive.
  • Your Life School is Service and this other person’s is Peace.

Are you catching the drift here?

Here is a dressed down version of what I might say to the 2 “Artists” or Masters of Self Expression:

Artist I – You: Your creative expression as the artist will have something to do with using your hands – pride in tangible results. You’ll need to work on your integrity to yourself/self care even if you feel guilty. As a person of service and the reliability of your solid personality, you may say yes to too many people giving away the private time you need to develop your artist’s path. Be aware of how you give away your sanctuary to help others. And when you go into backlash where you want to be left alone and you don’t care what people need/want from you. Can you find a happy medium here?

Artist II: Here are the possibilities for the other person with the Artist Life Purpose.  She will need to put her deep emotions into dramatic creative expression – the actress for example. Her lesson is about family and she is in the School of Peace vs Panic. So she needs to be aware of when she plays the lone wolf in order to pursue her artistry or when she  sells out in body and mind to belong/fit into the family/community- perhaps abandoning the Artist’s path. A key to growing her Purpose and to avoid being scattered and enmeshed in the family drama is to practice mindfulness – to be present, alert, and still in the eye of possible storms that surround her/or ones that she creates.

Continuing on the “What makes my path unique”:

Here are the 14 basic Life Purposes/14 basic Life Lessons and 4 Life Schools. 

You can have more than one aspect of your Life Purpose, Life Lesson or Life School. Makes life complicated, doesn’t it?  Not to a hand analyst. We are masters of guiding you to the threads of your life to create the beautiful tapestry that is you! To guide you to a life of purpose.

Life Purpose - Life Lesson









School of Peace or Panic
School of Wisdom through Action or Waiting
School of Love and Closeness or Misunderstanding
School of Service or Servitude


Ready to learn more?  Here are some powerful resources to jump start you on your path. Happy travels:

Life Purpose: My colleague and friend, Ronelle Coburn, has written extensively about the different life purposes and matched them to some of the gift markings in the hand. If you have the gift of the leader in your hand but this is not your life purpose according to your fingerprints – you will have a similar journey to make tangible the leader in you. CHECK OUT this amazing resource.

Life Schools: Especially designed for use by students and hand analysts – another great resource to offer to your clients. Check out the Affirmation Cards I have created for each School. GO TO my resources and scroll down to the cards. Order today.

Learn to Read Hands: Are you really ready to dive in? Join me for our next live, in-person, Level I LifePrints Intensive Hand Analysis Course. GO HERE to LEARN MORE and to APPLY

Why hands? Why not? Your most concrete and personal tool to accurately pinpoint exactly why are you are here and what might be getting in the way of living it full on everyday.  CONTACT ME if you have questions or want to do some private work with me.

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