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What the Heck is Life Purpose and Why Should I Care?

Posted by on August 12, 2015 in Archetypes - Soul Psychology in the Fingerprints, Find Success and Happiness | 0 comments

Let’s start with what it is not!

Life Purpose (LP) is not about what you are good at.  Name something……..

Numbers, Skiing, Painting…this is a talent not your LP.


LP is not your value system or opinions.

This can change over time – more or less conservative or liberal, feel strongly about something in your 20’s that now seems frivolous


It is not a goal that you set

2014 Olympic medal. You arrive there, reach your goal or not and that’s it, on to the next goal. Buy a house etc etc. Your LP is to be expressed until you take your last breath.


LP is not your career Niche:

That’s more a personality expression although your career does need to reflect your unique LP.  Many have chosen professions based on their tangible personality archetype – Myers Briggs but miss out on the higher plane of Life Purpose expression.

Our values, talents, skills, career strength are more reflective of our Personality Psychology – revealed in our hands – fingers, palm, lines. Many things reflected in your hands shift as we experience life. Your Soul Purpose never changes! LP goes way beyond these things.


So What is Life Purpose?  bewhoyouwerecreatedtobe

A life scale sense of fulfillment, a deep sense of meaning and place. Where you know you are expressing your highest potential – those AH HA and AHHHHH moments!  It’s how you yearn to contribute in this life on this planet.

Your LP is infused in everything you do. Right place at right time, wake up smiling, energized, free, feeling capable of taking on what ever life throws at you.

IN short – Life Purpose is a WAY OF BEING! It offers you that Eagle’s perspective flying over your LIFE GARDEN taking in all that you were born to harvest. That totem or centerpiece in the garden of your life. And your life purpose was indelibly imprinted in your Fingerprints 5 months before you were born!

You are here to build the language of your highest self, your Life Purpose. Here today and here in this lifetime!

To really embody your Life Purpose experience is required. To test and experience your life purpose on a daily basis you must take action/test the waters/face to tough stuff/the road blocks…so you can build the muscles to step up to your Life Purpose.

Are you ready for more fun exploring Life Purpose possibilities?  Let’s GO HERE!

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