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What if you decided to do more than just take another course?

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Calling all hand analysts and palmists.

Are your ready to be a paid healer? NO more excuses! Willing to do what it takes to have the business and life you Business Training for Hand Analystswant?

We’re about to start our 2016 business success training – Fire Up Your Inner Entrepreneur with a whole new group of healers who want the support and tools to flourish. Click the link above for all the details and to enroll.

You won’t find a program like this anywhere:

  • Specially tailored to those of us who read hands
  • Tested over a 13 year period
  • Taught by a full paid/full time healer and master hand analyst with 19 years of entrepreneurial adventures – including success and failures!
  • Hi Touch, Hi Content, Lo Cost
  • Group and Individual support built in as you view the monthly videos, do the exercises, venture out into the world of business
  • And more ……


Besides all of the videos, audios, exercises, resources and group tutoring, we have some new additions to the success series.

  1. Enroll by May 4th/pay in full and you get the value of both the group tutoring AND two 30 minute private tutoring sessions as well as unlimited e-mail exchange with me.
  2. A special project of your own design to reveal at the end of training. Yikes – just want to be a passive participant?  Then this training is NOT for you! Still game? Your fellow participants are going to cheer you on and give you valuable feedback.


Close your eyes for a moment. What would YOU want to hear yourself saying at the end of the training? I’ve included the comments from our 2015 participants – mostly anonymous – from an end of series survey. Join us and you get to be the one that moves forward at your pace in your way!!


Participant comments:

I could relate to every topic that we discussed. Sometimes it was difficult to put the information into practical use, because of ME – due to my resistance to leave my comfort zone.


This is very practical awareness information especially helpful if you want to do more than just start (or expand) a business. This class shines a light on every aspect of successful business and it’s very useful to see the bigger picture on how they work together.


I loved the video’s. All the topics were clearly explained and inspiring. Group tutoring gave us a possibility to share our experiences and concerns. I especially liked the fact that we had to make a statement about the steps we were going to take during the next month. That pushed me forward.


I loved working in the groups with Janet and all of her wisdom and gentle guidance drawing us out of our reluctance to try the scary stuff. We got to witness and support each others journeys…love the group brainstorming.


I feel much more visible now, have more structure, more aware of the value of what I have to offer. The close look at the value of my collaborators in business and life was an eye opener. And I now use of social media for my business much more and know what works and doesn’t.


Seeing the bigger picture of the cycles- took the pressure off. Life the butterfly I realize that I am always moving through the cycles. Sometimes a small butterfly emerges as I incubate an idea and bring it to full wing.


I NEED MORE Structure and I resist it. Now am actually excited about putting systems that work for me into place.


Although I wanted my business to grow faster, I do feel I’ve made progress in these past 10 months. I’m more visible, more confident in what I have to offer and more at ease reading hands.


I got a lot out of this class, but I have to admit that sometimes it is overwhelming to realize that a business is a never ending work in progress. (a bit like a life lesson). I know I need to push myself a lot further to become a successful hand analyst that is able to make a living out of reading hands. So this is one more important step in the right direction.


Life got in my way during these 10 months, but I’m excited to have the audios, materials and exercises to go back to when things settle down. I like the way the class was broken up into clear but overlapping segments.


Here are the most popular exercises which accompany the monthly videos and group tutoring listed if they got 3 or more votes as most helpful or 2nd most helpful.

  • Month 1 and 9 Butterfly Stages:  Where are you now and what do you need to do to make sure each stage is on track?

  • Month 2 Rate the Members of Your Success Team – strengths and weaknesses

  • Month 4 Fifteen Questions about your Branding

  • Month 6 How to Craft great Subject Lines, Titles and Great Web Copy

  • Month 8 Meeting My Resistance and Making Peace with It


ARE you ready? Join us on this journey – you’ll never look back!


May You Thrive,


~ Janet




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