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Posted by on September 19, 2015 in Archetypes - Personality Psychology in the palms, Archetypes - Soul Psychology in the Fingerprints, Videos | 0 comments

Vita = Life
What special vitamins do you need to breathe LIFE into your unique Soul Journey?
I had fun doing these videos so hope you have fun viewing them….comments always appreciated!




Vitamins for the Soul – Heart Lines

Heart Lines – Get you does of vitamins – GO HERE!



And here’s the preview of Vitamins for the Soul video series (7-10 minutes each):

  • Fingerprints – Your soul signature/your highest perspective  AVAILABLE now
  • Thumbs- The boss of your hand – the many dimensions of “thumbdom” AVAILABLE now
  • Heart Lines – the key to your true heart expression and why we’re so different  AVAILABLE now
  • The gift of the Healer   COMING NEXT MONTH
  • And who knows what’s next ….. stay tuned.

A few gems for you from the world of  hands as your soul and personality learn to dance toward the life you want and deserve. Here’s to your health in all ways.

~ Janet

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