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Unlock the secrets to your Love-ability!

Posted by on October 1, 2012 in Relationships | 0 comments

Love makes the world go round! If it’s true, why does it seem that at times our relationship world spins out of control, feels all wobbly, or just plain stops and our heart gravity can’t hold us in place? I sure am bent on unlocking the secrets. I’m learning and I personally have a long way to go!  How about you?

Is this you?

  • I am alone and I don’t know how to start in the relationship world
  • I can’t seem to find a healthy relationship
  • My marriage is stuck and we’ve lost the spark
  • I have lost myself in the relationship
  • My partner and I keep spinning our wheels and it’s no fun playing the blame game, the victim game

Are there keys in your hands that can help you get the love and connection you want (and deserve)? Yes! Before you find Mr. or Ms. Right, however, you have to master your own heart language first. Let’s unlock the secrets to your love-ability, your special way of relating.

I’ve had the honor of working with many of you over the years to uncover your particular formula for LOVE! Understanding your emotional style, found in your Heart Line, is the first step to help your relationship world go round. Here are the 4 emotional styles – the Heroic Stoic, the Nurturer, the Romantic Idealist, the Passionate. What is your style?

I can’t predict who’s going to be your partner and when you will find him or her or whether you are going to stay in your present relationship. What I can do is work with you on being true to your own heart while learning about what others need in the emotional realm. You are the one you are looking for first and foremost. Can you trust your own feeling, needs, wants and desires? Once you do, you will attract the right people into your life who you can trust and who trust you.

Be true to your own emotional needs; learn from your opposite. This is key to deep connection and emotional mastery. The old adage is true, opposites attract. We all have different ways of relating. Sorry, but not everyone has the same heart needs as you do. So it makes sense that attracting and learning from your opposite makes you more empathetic to others while claiming your own unique heart expression.

Here we go… The following chart is a summary of the 4 common styles. Each subsequent blog post will focus on one style. It might be yours – on the one hand or another way of relating on the other!! Literally your left hand can have a different heart line from your right! Ah, the mysteries of life abound! Wait. There’s more! You may be an “emotional explorer” not yet settled on your true heart expression. Intrigued yet? Look at the chart and then go in depth with each heart line:

The Nurturer ~ Water
The Heroic Stoic ~ Earth
The Romantic Rationalist ~ Air
The Passion Heart ~ Fire!