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True Communication in 3 easy steps-The challenge to speak and to listen

Posted by on March 30, 2017 in For Entrepreneurs, For Students and Hand Analysts, Secrets of Effective Communication | 0 comments

Learn to communicate better • Take the 80/20 Challenge with me

I wrote about assessing your communication skills a few years back. I decided that this was a good time to check in with your ability to authentically communicate. To understand each other, to try to see the point of view of someone whose values and beliefs differ is crucial in these challenging times. Getting your message across in a clear and caring way is equally important. So…..Let’s get busy.


  • Can you get your message across?
  • Did you really listen to what she said?
  • Are you nervous about speaking up?
  • Will you join me in the taking the 80/20 Challenge to become the best communicator you can be
  • Could you use a communications tune up?


Three Steps to become a better communicator-Take the 80/20 Challenge with me

What does 80/20 rule mean when it comes to communication? Can you listen actively and/or ask open ended, clarifying questions 80% of the time & talk 20% of the time? Let’s get started.

Step One:  Take my Communications Self Assessment to gauge where you are on the effective communication scale.

Step Two:  Take the challenge to become a champion communicator; use my tools to help you along the way and share what you have learned.

Step Three:  Work with me to pinpoint your communication style and potential challenges as revealed in your hands.  Contact me to set up a special “Your Communication Style” Session.


Let’s work together to improve our communication skills. To what end?

To clearly ask for what you need. To stand up for what you believe in. To break through some intimacy roadblocks.

To better understand your partners – personal and business. To increase your bottom-line by making sales to those who need what you have …..

You name it.

This challenge and the tools I’ve developed for you will make you a more effective communicator in all areas of your life.

Communication leads to community, that is,
to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.

~ Rollo May

Here are three reasons why I decided to  challenge  myself and then challenge you to test your skills:

THE FIRST is that we run a business training series for our students – Fire Up your Inner Entrepreneur. Effective communication is primary as they adopt and adapt and employ our 5 strategies for success. Many of the students coming through our hand analysis training programs want to make a business out of their passion. Speaking up, speaking clearly, listening carefully, asking for the sale, developing lasting business relationships … are crucial to being paid as a healer and being recognized as a good communicator.

THE SECOND is that I’ve been tracking some common themes in my clients over the past year. Sure enough, one of the biggest dilemmas is fear of speaking up about stuff that is painful and feeling that even when they do, it falls on deaf ears. I wanted to become a better guide as they developed more effective communication techniques.

THE THIRD is no surprise. I work on being a better communicator all the time. The Messenger is part of my Life Purpose. And I struggle at times, as we all do, to be authentic, compassionate and active in my listening and to remain open and curious as I get to know someone. On a political note, I’ve gotten out of my activist’s armchair and have jumped in with both feet joining others in trying to bring sanity to this crazy country and to make sense of the chaos in the world. This is the ultimate test of my ability to communicate effectively. Screaming and blaming or shutting down and avoiding does not work!

The single biggest problem in communication is

the illusion that it has taken place.

~ George Bernard Shaw

Here’s to building lasting relationships – Communication is the key.

~ Janet

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