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The tangibles: Why study hands live in person?

Posted by on February 4, 2013 in For Students and Hand Analysts | 0 comments

Fingerprints and Hands

Got Questions about the Live LifePrints Intensive Course?  I’ve Got Answers!  

Thought I’d share the most common questions I get from prospective students about the Live Life Prints Intensive course I teach.

Are you interested in studying hands and fingerprints? Are you thinking about taking the LifePrints Intensive Course in Burlington •  Vermont • April 20-23rd, 2017 • Thursday starting at 5 pm to Sunday ending at 4 pm.

Here are the answers to the most common questions I get from prospective students. These answers have really helped them make a decision. So read on and contact me soon if you are convinced you want to join us for this incredible live learning retreat. The class fills up quickly!  And the Early Bird savings of $300 expires midnight March 16th.

  • Flow and Content:  Visit Upcoming Classes for ALL the information about flow and content
  • What’s the value of taking the Intensive live in the flesh! This is the first level of immersion into the world of hand analysis and hands. You can’t beat touching live hands. You get to inspect fellow students hands and the hands of the volunteers that come throughout the weekend close up and personal. You get immediate verification of the subtle differences from hand prints and live hands. You get to practice a live reading with all of the equipment. We do personal written reflections and guided meditation – unique to the Live Class. And so much more…You can’t beat learning in a relaxing retreat-like setting while joining others to experience first hand the power and magic of our hands. Our distance based advanced courses are great. If you are first timer, the live experience is the way to go.
  • Can I read hands after the course? Yes! You will know how to decipher the fingerprints to give anyone the essence of their Soul Agenda. You’ll be able to give them solid information about their thumbs-how they get things done, heart lines-their special way of relating and the meaning of their fingers-their external behaviors, strengths and needs. This is powerful stuff. Enough to change the course of someone’s life!
  • Can I charge money? Maybe. It depends. If you are confident and feel secure in your new knowledge, then absolutely. It is more likely if you are already a healing practitioner as you have the developed the skills to work one on one with people. During the course, I give guidance about the business of hands as we progress.
  • I want this for personal growth … Will I feel like an outsider if my classmates are all body mind and spirit practitioners who want these tools for professional use? Absolutely not. The class mix includes some who are there purely for personal growth and some for both personal and professional reasons.
  • A few logistics:
  1. Accommodations:  If you are from out of town, there are convenient,affordable motels, hotels and rooms/apts
  2. Financing. The tuition is $1495. If you wish to pay in 3 easy payments, then there is no finance charge.  And consider paying in full by March 16th and save $300.

Join us on this lovely, deep journey into the core of our most meaningful life. Contact me today to apply and to set up an interview. Calling is best-802-279-8554.

Wishing you joy, peace and a sense of purpose.


~ Janet

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