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The Star of Saturn, a.k.a. The Wealth Generator

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New to our gift markers series is a rare one. It’s called the Star of Saturn or the Midas Touch. Are you a Wealth Generator??  Want to start with a short video on the Midas Touch as a gift in the hand? GO HERE now.

If you have this gift your challenge is live in Abundance – I say challenge because as with most gift markers, you may be reluctant to claim it. SO…… it comes with a penalty to wake you up enough to embrace that gift of yours.

– are you headed for fortune (abundance of all stripes) or misfortune and lost opportunity

The wrong kind of wealth-all gold, no foodTo help explain what I mean, let’s start with a bit of the mythology of the Midas Touch. As with any story in mythology most mortals who have wronged a god have a penance to pay. For King Midas, he was doomed to turn everything he touched to gold including his own daughter. He had great wealth but how could he live without love or sustenance? Remember, EVERYTHING he touched turned to gold. Try eating an apple of solid gold.

As a gift in your hand – let’s not wish this upon YOU!! The gift is to turn what and who you touch into value for them AND for yourself.

I am worthy to live in a wealth of abundance?




First stop in claiming your gift? Believe in your own self worth. One of the deal breakers in claiming this potential to generate wealth is low self worth.Without this, your gift will dwell in penalty land forever.


Where is this Generator of Wealth – the Star of Saturn – located?


Under your Saturn finger, of course. That’s the middle finger either hand.

Star of Saturn - 3 examples
The photograph  happens to be my hand. And oh, how I’ve experienced the penalties of this gift. But I am getting ahead of myself.

If you or someone you know has it, here are the upsides and downsides of owning this gift.

 THE UPSIDE for the Wealth Generator

Turn on that gift of the Midas touch and you become a conduit: a generator of wealth and resources of all kinds. To do this, you must enroll some partners – good judgment, discipline, integrity, fairness and commitment primarily to your own value. Remember that self worth stuff I just mentioned!!

Here are some possibilities for you:

Literally a wealth generator:

Money Tree - wealth generator

My former brother-in-law had the biggest Midas Touch stars I’ve ever seen – on both hands. He went from a multi-millionaire to a pauper – and this cycle repeated itself throughout his life. Who knows what version of the penalty phase he experienced, but it was a doozy every time!  I suspect he experienced both side of the pendulum – a miser and the “worthless pauper syndrome”.




A Resource Hub-Conduit for other’s needs

A resource hub

Other factors in your hands, especially your hand shape and quality of your lines will determine the kind of conduit you might be. Some examples:

Emotional – Resource for those in emotional crisis, relationship challenges?

Creative – Resource for those with creative blocks; ability to create what is needed out of nothing in new and unique ways?

Informational – Excellence in administration/systems; resource for information, conceptual framing?

Practical – Helps with stability and security; excellent in task-ability; offers organizational skills?


 THE DOWNSIDE for the Wealth Generator, a.k.a. the Penalty Phase

If you’re not using your Midas Touch appropriately or you feel unworthy of this gift, then the penalty pendulum shows up to knock you on your rear as it swings back and forth. The Cobbler-the Miser

Too little  – the Cobbler with no shoes (scarcity/poverty) -resources for everyone else. I also call this “the worthless pauper syndrome”.

Too much – the Miser who hordes or squanders his fortune – a life of meaningless accumulation that never fills the hole in his life. Remember Midas who had all the wealth he could ever imagine and no love or sustenance?


Answer these questions? Can you be a wealth generator for others AND for your self?

  1. Am I on the list of beneficiaries? Would I say that those around me are pleased with my “Golden Touch”? Am I as pleased and is my belief in my own resourceful worth as strong as their belief in me?
  2. Do I undervalue my abilities? Am I selling myself too cheaply?
  3. Am I on the “keep it all for myself” side? Tend toward stinginess? Afraid that someone will take it all away from me?
  4. Do I have desires, inventions, skills that get tossed away to benefit others?
  5. Am I be depriving myself and others of my unique gift of good fortune?
  6. Do I expect the same level of responsibility, integrity and fairness in others as I expect of myself?

You don’t have to have the Midas Touch – the Saturn Star – to be a Wealth Generator. Get busy and share your special brand of resources!

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