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The Romantic Idealist ~ Air

Posted by on October 15, 2012 in Archetypes - Personality Psychology in the palms, Relationships | 0 comments

Romantic IdealistAre you reserved by nature? Romantic at heart imagining long walks in the woods, all the wonderful memories of experiences past, the possibility of a fine relationship in the future? Confrontation rarely on your menu?  Do you idealize a mate with passion and fire and at the same time afraid of being burned?
Romantic Rationalists or sometimes we call them the Idealists are not in-your-face types. When you get mad, you might write a 4 page treatise proving your were right AND you might not share it. It’s enough to be right, right? Why rock the boat?

If you relate to some of this, look closely at your palm. Does your heart line move across your hand from the pinky and end somewhere under your index finger?

Your opposite? Can you guess? The passion heart. You love the excitement but choose to stay aloof and just observe. Watch out! You may get caught up in the roaring fires. Be true to your type and find some of your own fire. Try being in the moment a little more just like that exciting fire heart person in your life. And your job is to teach him or her a little healthy caution and consideration.

Next I’ll share 2 other pairings where opposites can learn from each other. Look for the Nurturer and a common mate the Heroic Stoic in subsequent entries.