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The Nurturer ~ Water

Posted by on October 5, 2012 in Archetypes - Personality Psychology in the palms, Relationships | 0 comments

Do you care so much it hurts some times? Do you love to nurture and nourish those you love? Are you the first to rescue hurt animals and sad children? Do you love nothing better than to put a smile on someone’s face because you listened and showed real empathy?

You might just be the nurturer or water heart? This is about being expressive in your concern for others. If your heart line moves from under your pinky up to your index finger, then you qualify.

Water chart

Beware. You may like to merge, or smother or mother too much at times or overly accommodate someone else’s needs before your own. Caution! Water can be gentle and merging and flowing. It can also rage like flood waters or overtake like a tsunami. You have to be true to your type and learn to integrate your opposite – the HEROIC STOIC! Can you withdraw and find your own nurturing sanctuary so that you can go right back out and take care of those who need it (and who want it!).