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The Intruder – An Ode to Being

Posted by on January 27, 2014 in Aha Moments On Your Path | 1 comment

The Moon full of itself   

In the crisp, silent pre-dawn of deep Winter

The Soul source for the snow sparkle

Unnoticed, I take my seat tho’

I feel like an intruder

Quieting my familiar early morning chatter

Breathing in the cold brilliance of that light

Nothing’s there to interfere with the sweetness of the moment

I intent on meaning in these dark days

Aware that my embrace of winter’s gifts is fragile

As I sit and watch that magnificent orb descend

The growing light in the East greedy to grab the stage

Intrudes upon my reverence

My mind churns, my impatience returns

Daybreak and something must be done

A disquiet overtakes me sending me to face the day

If I can remember that every day is a gift to be earned

The dark and the light dance and beckon me to join

I claim my part in the celebration, as a grateful witness not intruder

~ Janet Savage, Winter 2012

1 Comment

  1. Amazing depth!!

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