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Listen to this Interview with Janet Savage of HandTales for the best overview modern palmistry a.k.a Scientific Hand Analysis

Interview – how can your hands guide you? Modern Palmistry with a scientific base. from Janet Savage on Vimeo.

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What is the origin of Scientific Hand Analysis?

Scientific Hand Analysis, a.k.a. Modern Palmistry with a scientific base, is a system of fingerprint and hand mapping which decodes your Soul Psychology and Personality Psychology. Your fingerprints and all aspects of your hands describes how your unique Life Purpose consciousness can work together with your singular personality style. This is a non-predictive system. Developed by Richard Unger, founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA), it combines the ancient art of palmistry and the contemporary science of fingerprint decoding.

This is a thoroughly researched and repeatable Life Purpose and Personality Psychology assessment tool that has been validated with over 40 years of research and more than 200,000 pairs of hands.

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If you haven’t already-listen to the interview above to answer these questions

  • What do you do?
  • How did you get into Hand Analysis?
  • What do your hands reveal about you?
  • How is this scientific?
  • What do you do for your private clients?
  • What do you offer for groups?
  • What kind of training did you receive?

What can I expect from a session with you?

Your Soul Psychology-Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life SchoolPurpose + Personality = Potential
A Life Purpose Mapping Session gives you your soul agenda. Your fingerprints reveal 3 essential aspects of your soul journey to a fully conscious, passionate, authentic life – the path to your Life Purpose. The stage, your unique stage, is set indelibly before you were born. Your job is to learn how to play out the rich story that is yours to live.

Once we have the map in hand, we explore the main theme in your personality – revealed in the shape of your palm, the lines and fingers. By combining these two important parts of You – your soul potential and your personality strength and challenges – you now have the first chapters of your guidebook to help you with better choices in career, relationship, health and creative expression. In short to live the life you came here to live.

Why should I do more than one session with you?

The truth about your authentic story is carved into your fingerprints and your hands. A single session can give you the outline or blueprint. And that’s a great start. It takes time, however, to flesh out an outline if you are writing a novel or to build a home from the base blueprint. You have to test what is true for you, learn how to break old patterns and practice new ones. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

You have a choice of a Transition Series or our VIP Program. I suggest multiple sessions with me only if you are ready and committed. And that you are clear that once you step onto your Life Stage, you have to face the music. That’s you warts and all. Be prepared to shake up your world. And this ain’t always smooth and fun! I guarantee if you are willing to do what it takes, that you’ll wake up to the life you want and have the tools to live it fully everyday. It’s worth it. Your worth it.

Working with me overtime gives you a focused, consistent opportunity to discover, claim and learn to live your soul consciousness more deeply. What greater gift is there to give to yourself? We are a team working together toward your happiness and success. I invite you to take full advantage of my skills and years of experience in counseling, adult education and leadership and career development as well as 17 years as a full-time Hand Analyst [one of only 10 practicing Master Hand Analysts worldwide. One of 5 Master Teachers]. I have read over 10,000 pairs of hands and touched many lives. To learn more about Janet, click here.

I don’t live in your area, can I do a reading with you
at a distance?

Absolutely! I am set up to do recorded phone, Skype or Zoom readings, so I can read for any one in the world. Contact me to get instructions on how to provide me with a copy of your hands and fingerprints. You can pay – on-line, with a check or call me with your credit card number. You then make an appointment and send or scan your prints. Contact Janet to get started.

How are Hand Analysts different from Palmists, Astrologers, Life Coaches, Therapists?

I invite you to read this great article on Scientific Hand Analysis – validated and not predictive.  One of the best descriptions of how your hands can guide you.

Hand Analysts certified by the International Institute of Hand Analysis are diagnosticians and specifically name your Life Purpose at the soul level along with key factors that keep you from living it. They accurately pinpoint your personal formula for your soul’s emergence without needing to hear your history. The process is one of preliminary identification, increasing awareness and consistent support/guidance as needed.

All certified analysts trained by the IIHA use a common language and impart the same basic information. They are trained in best practices including the application of years of research in fingerprint deciphering. Using the best of the non-predictive palmistry traditions, they employ the concrete, repeatable information found in the palm shape, lines and fingers eliminating inconsistency and confusion. You can look at and verify every feature explained by the analyst. To learn more about the Master Hand Analysts and Teachers certified by the IIHA visit Meet the Masters.

Hand Analysts differ from:

  • Non-predictive Modern Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Card Interpretation: All of these disciplines, including Hand Analysis, use folklore, planetary and pantheon mythology as well as archetypal symbols familiar to and from many cultures and religious traditions to explain the influences, strengths and challenges for the individual client.Modern Palmistry (non-predictive) Most other modern palmistry systems assess only the hands which express personality strengths and challenges. They do not use the fingerprints, your soul imprint.
    interpret natal alignment with the stars, planets and transiting astral influences that explain possible strengths and challenges on a person’s life path.
    Numerologists use birth date, name, address, etc for similar effect.
    Tarot readers use a card deck which may include Christian, Hebrew, mythological, and/or folkloric, as well numerical and astrological references or symbols. The information is not concrete or static. The client selects cards or the reader selects cards for the client. In either case, the reader interprets the images on the cards and speaks of circumstances at work in the client’s life in the moment, which can change dramatically from reading to reading and reader to reader. Tarot readers may use prediction in their practice.Unlike Hand Analysis, none of these practices pinpoint your Life Purpose consciousness and combine this with your natural motivations and behaviors.
  • Predictive Palmistry and Psychic Practice:
    These intuitive practitioners use hands as well as etheric elements to predict the future and name events in the past. The information gained from a scientific hand analysis session, on the other hand, is relevant throughout your life rather than at one point in time. It is not about predicting the future. It is about preparing you for the future.
  • Life or Career Coaching:
    The standard technique of a coach is to encourage self-identification of strengths, challenges and best practices/best careers over the course of several sessions. This is self-discovery to achieve specific goals. Hand Analysts use the objective information provided by your unique fingerprints to pinpoint your Soul Psychology including your life purpose and life lesson. Guidance and support focuses on your recognition and managing of your soul’s agenda as revealed in your fingerprints. Insights gained will be relevant at any point in the your life. Master Hand Analysts certified by the IIHA are trained in and employ best practices in coaching if you choose to work on particular goals over time.
  • Family and Psychotherapy:
    Most therapists work with clients in a lengthy process of self-discovery through a variety of techniques. The therapist listens to the case history and the immediate concerns of the client and, over time, creates a relationship that helps the client develop more healthy and balanced behaviors. Hand Analysts can explore your history and immediate concerns, but operate with a different behavioral model. This model is based on the interaction between personality psychology and soul psychology. Using a hand mapping technique, your practitioner pinpoints key themes in your life and offers you a unique perspective on current dilemmas and future potential.
  • Personality and Type “Tests” i.e. Myers Briggs, the Enneagram
    These self-determining tests describe the personality solely – motivations and behaviors, not early conditioning and patterns, or what to do about it. Your hands are like a walking Myers Briggs test with the added benefit of knowing your Life Purpose soul agenda. And your hands reflect your history and response to challenges and triumphs. Although these tests offer many layers of interpretation, they do not reveal how you are doing with your potential and challenges.

Can my hands predict my future?

The odds are not in your favor! The information in hands used in predictive palmistry is said to be less than 50% accurate. Do you want those odds when looking forward? Your hands cannot reliably tell you how long you will live, who you will marry, or how many children you will have. Everything in the hands is viewed in present time.

Wouldn’t you want to be fully YOU now so that you will be prepared for anything that comes your way in the future? That’s the goal of Life Purpose Hand Analysis. Life Purpose Hand Analysis is based on the ancient art of non-predictive palmistry and the modern science of fingerprint analysis. Your lines, hand shape and fingers identify your motivations, talents and the patterns and habits of your personality. Your fingerprints reveal your Life Purpose or highest potential and Life Lesson, what you are here to work on. This system is not based on my psychic abilities to predict the future, but rather on a scientifically validated system that can be consistently applied from hand to hand.

Embrace the authentic you today and the future will be yours to celebrate and to handle if needed.

Do you do groups and workshops based on hands?

Yes. Hosting a Hand Reading Circle or a presentation is a great way to introduce your colleagues, friends and family to the power and magic of hands. Visit Engage Me-Host a Hand Reading Circle  or Presentations and Workshops for more information. To stay informed about upcoming Life Purpose Journey Groups, retreats, special workshops and our training schedule, sign up to be a member of the HandTales community.

Can I learn the system?

Scientific Hand Analysis is a teachable system. Richard Unger, the founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA), has developed a powerful teaching curriculum based on over 40 years of research and practice. I am one of 10 practicing Master Hand Analysts certified by the IIHA and one of 5 Master Teachers worldwide certified to teach the IIHA curriculum. I have been teaching the in-person Level I Intensive Course since 2006 and co-teach the distance-based Level II Certification Course with Ronelle Coburn.

Hand Analysis Training - the data, counseling skills and intuitionThere are rules that apply to everything in the hands: fingerprints, lines, finger sections, skin color and texture and hand shape. Learning the enormous amount of data in a hand is the first step in the learning process, like learning the rules of painting before you develop your unique style. As you begin to practice what you have learned in class and in the field, you develop the art of hand reading – how to weave a story, apply your intuition and best coaching practices for each client and for your own personal transformation.

We pride ourselves in offering a triangle of value in your learning process. No other palmistry or hand analysis curriculum offers you the depth and breadth of learning required to change lives at the deepest level.

Check out the learning opportunities available to you at Study w/Janet.

I want to learn more. Do you recommend any books and other resources?

I recommend two: Lifeprints: Deciphering your Life Purpose through Your Finger Prints, published in late 2007 by Richard Unger and Destiny at Your Fingertips, published in 2008 by Ronelle Coburn. Both explore the rich territory of life purpose. There are 100’s of books written based ancient palmistry traditions. Richard Unger has extensively studied these traditions and researched the patterns and meaning of finger prints. His system, the one I use, is based on the best of the non-predictive art of ancient palmistry and the modern science of fingerprint analysis. I consider Richard Unger the best contemporary source on hand analysis. And his Master Teachers continue to enrich the knowledge base with 100,000’s of new hands and new stories.

You can learn more by first visiting my Resources Page and join the HandTales community as we continue to explore the richness of our personal journeys through our hands. Sign up now.

What is your life purpose? (this is my fingerprint chart)

Fingerprint symbols - Life Purpose, Life Lesson, Life SchoolMy Life Purpose is to be Big Shot Diva of Communication! In other words, I am here to lead others on deep journeys to find their own spotlight and voice in the world. I lived many years in my inverse or underbelly version of my Purpose. (There are on guarantees that we will live our Life Purpose in its full bloom or to even inch toward it in this life time.) I was the “pip squeak” – powerless, hiding out and mute. Hand Analysis allowed me to own what I always new I was meant to be – to step out behind that curtain and brave the spotlight, to be bold in re-framing how I/we see things through creative communication. That’s why I love to call myself a Master Story Teller!

What is your life lesson?

What is my blind spot, my least evolved skill, what I am here to work on so that my Life Purpose can flourish? Let’s save that shadow story for another time. When you get to know me, feel free to ask me. What I can tell you is that my Life Lesson has become my greatest ally as I navigate the confusing maze called Life. I love what I do and am fully committed to living my Life Purpose fearlessly everyday. Without the wisdom carved from my challenges, I could not say that.