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About My Clients

My Ideal Clients come in many forms and come for many reasons.

The common theme for my clients is that they are ready to live on their own terms. To Live on your own terms, you must:

  • Be bold in the face of your fears
  • Commit to the change you want
  • Be willing to give up part of your old life, including some relationships and perhaps career security
  • Be willing to look at that part of you that is difficult and worrisome

“Ask me what I think I am living for, in detail, and ask me what I think is keeping me from living fully for the thing I want to live for. Between these two answers you can determine the identity of any person.”
~ Thomas Merton

My clients come to me looking for a new direction in – career, relationships, health, creative focus, retirement strategy. Many say “I really want to know my Life Purpose”.  Those who leave ready to take action – to claim and live the life they want – have a few things in common.

Those who seek me out are, like me:

  • fiercely independent
  • ready to write the next chapter in their story
  • a gifted, non-conformist
  • a cutting edge thinker
  • looking for a special way to contribute to their community

They just need a little help to get beyond “stuff that is getting in their way”.  To open some new doorways and access what they already know is true but have not given themselves permission to own.

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Check out the many reasons clients have chosen to
work with me.

Can you relate to any of these folks quoted below? Are you ready for the next chapter in your story? If so, please contact me for a FREE 20 minute consultation to see if we are a match.

Listen in on what these Women on Purpose have to say:

Kate Paine, Kate Paine and Associates, Marketing and PR;
Dr. Erin Sepic, Synergic Health, Chiropractor;
Mary Jackson, Women at the Wheel, Corporate Trainer


Some more reasons Seekers come to me ….

I’ve been in the self-help world for 25 years and still don’t know why I am here.
~ Life Coach
Recently I feel like I have lost my passion for everything in life, in business… I have really lost touch with myself and what is important to me.   It’s clear that I put my clients needs before mine.  I want to claim a little more of me. 
~ Massage Therapist
I have been to personal growth practitioners before but I was attracted to Hand Analysis because it was scientific, tested.  Besides, I could relate to you (Janet) because of your training and background.  Similar to mine. 
~ Nurse
I have recently reconnected with myself, my real/best self and have a renewed sense of purpose.  I am motivated to make positive change and my hands seem like such a specific and personal tool for me. 
~ Chiropractor
My own self-doubt and lack of trust and confidence in myself is holding me back.  I am tired of hearing my own negativity and criticism. 
~ Retired Educator
It’s like I want to do it all, but in doing that, I can not serve all …so I have to define my niche and attract the right people. 
~ Energy Healer
For the past year I have been stuck and out of sorts.  I know I am on the brink of a major change so I think it is important to understand my Life Purpose so that I can shift with more clarity. 
~ CEO of research CO
I seem to need to numb my feelings and silence my voice.  I want to get beyond this.  I’m ready to dispose of my old negative habits and replace them with the new and positive.
~ Artist
I want to feel nourished in what I am doing.  To make the money I deserve and know I can make!  To stop sabotaging myself. 
~ Insurance Sales and Healer
I want to know what my fingerprints can tell me about my life’s purpose and the work I am here to do in the world.  I do not want fear and insecurity to hold me back. 
~ Retired Financial Services

Visit Client Raves to read and hear some success stories.

Can you relate to any of these folks? Are you ready for the next chapter in your story? If so, please contact me for a FREE 20 minute consultation to see if we are a match.