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The Facts

Your life purpose is in your handsI want financial security, loving relationships, passionate work, vibrant health, balance, deeper meaning and happiness. Check off which applies! What if knowing your Life Purpose will give you these things?

Now look inside your hands. What if the answers were in the palm of your hand. And what if you had a guide to help you navigate the puzzling maze create the centerpiece for your best life? That’s right. The single most important thing you can do is discover, claim and live your Life Purpose?

Intrigued? Read more to see if this is right for you.

It’s your story, your life purpose – it’s all
in your hands

Are your ready to thrive on the material, spiritual and heart planes; to have more autonomy, mastery
and meaning; to experience the breakthrough that you deserve?

Your hands hold your unique blueprint. The key to get what you want and to give what is truly yours
to give.

First stop on your Journey? Answer these questions:

Are you:
· fiercely independent and feel trapped
· ready to write the next chapter in your story but you have “writer’s block”
· a gifted, non-conformist in a gray world
· a cutting edge thinker who is trapped in “the box”
· yearning to contribute but unclear what that looks like

Or simply

. stuck in relationship hell

. in a career black hole

. struggling with your finances

. tired of hitting the same roadblocks


Start your life-altering journey today. Here are your options. I will help you find YOUR Life Purpose and unearth what is getting in the way so that you can live it everyday with passion and joy.  You have a choice. Stay where you are or break out of your box and begin down the path you want.

Open your hands in front of you again like a book. The answers to life’s most puzzling questions are in there – written in your fingerprints, your lines, the shape of your palm. That’s right, you have had the guidebook all along. The map to your truest treasure, your Life Purpose. It’s indelibly imprinted in your fingerprints. You also have the insiders guide to what gets in the way as you journey toward the life you deserve. It’s all in your hands – the most personal and accurate tool you have to pinpoint your highest calling. No more guessing.

What if you woke up tomorrow energized, excited, ready to commit to the life you came here to live? Your Life Purpose awaits you.


Take a personal journey with me face to face, via Skype or Zoom or on the phone. If you are fully committed to go on the most revealing journey of your life using your hands as the map, I invite you to check out the Transition Packages.  This is work over time to assure that your dreams and goals become tangible reality.

It will be an honor to accompany you. I am a Master Life Purpose Hand Analyst. I use the most accurate, personal and concrete tool there is for personal transformation. Explore all the facts to learn more about me and hand analysis.

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