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Levels of Training

Study Hand Analysis. Learn from the Masters, Janet Savage and Ronelle Coburn

Train with Janet Savage and/or Ronelle Coburn

Janet and Ronelle

Investigate our 3 levels of training

Click here to learn about Level I

IIHA LifePrints Intensive Training

Face to Face Format

This training is a live learning retreat – the most personal and hands-on experience there is. Learn with Janet Savage – IIHA Certified Master Teacher.

After 21 hours of Immersion you will:

  • Hold the key to unlock anyone’s “reason for being”
  • Know your own Life Purpose and what is getting in the way of living it
  • Benefit in 3 specific ways:
    • build trust in your intuition
    • learn the data that offers the doorway to a life of meaning
    • accelerate your personal path to abundance and fulfillment
  • Immediately apply the information to do practical and meaningful readings for others

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Distance-based format

Web based videos plus phone/web tutoring — convenience and excellence. Learn with Ronelle Coburn – IIHA Certified Master Teacher.

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Click here to learn about Level II and III

IIHA Certified Hand Analyst Training

Distance-based format

Learn the entire database of the hands. Prepare yourself for the most powerful personal growth journey of your lifetime. Do you want access to the entire map of human consciousness written in the hands? This is the BEST hand analysis certification training program available taught by the most qualified teachers in the world.

  • Learn the database in Hands
  • Develop your intuitive and counseling style
  • Experience deep personal growth
  • Receive professional business training

Weekly flexible online video lectures, private and group tutoring time. Pre-requisite: IIHA LifePrints Intensive. If you have studied with non-IIHA certified teachers, you may qualify. Contact us for information.

Co-taught by Ronelle Coburn and Janet Savage, Certified Master Teachers of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA).

For more on Level II and III Certification Training, Go To Life Purpose Academy.


Are you right for Hand Analysis training?

  • Are you looking for the ultimate map to life’s greatest treasures and challenges?
  • Have you been searching for the right tool to capture the essence of your Life Purpose?
  • What if you could learn to use this map for your own personal growth everyday?
  • What if you could apply this tool to help others live their lives more authentically?
  • What if you could make a living as a Hand Analyst while growing into your most meaningful life?

The Answers to these questions are in your hands literally in YOUR HANDS!
Are you someone who is moving forward and find yourself on the brink of change? Need the tools to navigate this transition? Translate the amazing information contained in your hands and in your fingerprints.  You’ll have the focus and clarity to overcome the fear that comes with being on the EDGE! Every transition requires you to step outside your box into something new. Are you willing to grab that opportunity using the most personal and tangible tool there is – your hands?

Are you a healer, counselor, coach, artist, entrepreneur? Adopt a fresh new assessment tool.  Capture the core consciousness required for yourself and your clients to live a life of balance, abundance, creativity and meaning.



Are we right for you?

The Master Teachers of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA) offer you progressive levels of mastery all the way to Master Hand Analyst and Master Teacher. After Level I, The LifePrints Intensive, you will be able to do meaningful readings for friends, family and perhaps for clients. Depending on your prior experience as a counselor or coach, you’ll feel comfortable charging for this new skill. To explore the possibilities open to you, I invite you to contact me so that we can discuss where you are and where you want to go.

Our system has been researched, tested and applied over 40 years, and thousands of students around the world have been trained to use hand analysis for personal growth and as a tool for helping others. The extensive curriculum is unparalleled in its quality of content. You learn from the best who have years of experience in adult education, counseling and modern teaching techniques that incorporate all learning styles – auditory, visual and kinesthetic.



Why we think this is the best training in palmistry
and fingerprints you will find.

HAND ANALYSTS trained by IIHA become DIAGNOSTICIANS AND COUNSELORS who help clients identify and live their life purpose. They assist them in understanding and creating specific counter strategies to the barriers interfering with soul expression. This system objectively pinpoints a personal and specific formula for the soul’s emergence without needing to hear personal history. Insights gained are not specific to current circumstances and are therefore relevant at any point in the client’s life.

  • You learn from the HIGHEST QUALIFIED INSTRUCTORS who have undergone extensive graduate training in both hand analysis AND in the best practices of teaching the art and science of this system. IIHA instructors are trained in coaching techniques to guide you on your own path of personal self-discovery and growth. They have undergone rigorous supervision and agree to uphold the highest standards—for themselves and their students. Learning from IIHA instructors is truly studying with the masters.
  • You receive INSTITUTE CERTIFICATION. Being associated with the IIHA (established in 1985), and Richard Unger’s 40 years of research, gives you credibility when you put yourself out in the world as a Hand Analyst. You can be confident that you are trained in a powerful new paradigm of consciousness that has been thoroughly researched and tested.
  • THE INVESTMENT IS AFFORDABLE. Compare to any other reputable certification programs that offers you groundbreaking tools for personal growth, and you will find the cost of our programs competitively priced. Use this for your own personal growth. Adopt as one more tool in your healer’s toolbox. Pursue certification as a Hand Analyst. The return on your investment– in your self and in your practice is immediate.
  • ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. We provide you with the opportunity to go further with your studies by offering qualified advanced and graduate level training programs to support your personal and professional growth. If you choose, the network of hand analysts trained by the IIHA is available to you for tutoring, collaboration and ongoing support.