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Life Purpose Hand Analysis Intensive Class

Fingerprints and Hands

April 2018, 5th – 8th

Burlington, Vermont



21 hours of class time, 3 1/2 day Learning Retreat

[This is Level I Hand Analysis training is a pre-requisite for advanced certification training]

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Check out our upcoming Hand Analysis class. Learn to read hands as you journey to the core of your most meaningful life. Set the stage for the dance of a life time where your Soul Consciousness partners with your Authentic Personality. And this is just the beginning – leave with the clarity to re-energize the LIFE YOU WANT TO WAKE UP TO! And if you want to help others do the same, this is the Intensive Hand Analysis Class for is you.

Are you a healer, counselor, coach, artist, entrepreneur?

Adopt a fresh new assessment tool to uncover the core consciousness required for yourself and your clients to live a life of balance, abundance, creativity and meaning.

Are you someone moving forward and you find yourself on the brink?

Need the tools to navigate this transition?

This experience gives you the focus and clarity to overcome the fear that comes with being on the BRINK of the change you have been looking for! Then you can take the action to move forward with confidence.

Find the source for true meaning and satisfaction. It’s in your Hands – literally in your hands (and fingerprints).

We are human and we strive. We are human and we suffer. What separates us from the animal kingdom is our ability to reflect, to hope, to imagine and to seek greater meaning. We have the will power and discernment to shape our own lives.

You are simultaneously an individual and part of a community. Are you someone who strives to feel whole and yearns to contribute meaningfully to your community? I trust if you are reading this, the answer is yes! Isn’t it true, though, at some time in your life you have struggled to find your niche, your calling, the core of your passion so that you CAN make a difference? And I’ll bet that you know others struggling with these all too human challenges.

To understand your Life Purpose and how to live it every day is the single greatest treasure you will ever have. And the map to find that treasure is in your hands – literally in your hands. Once you learn how to make the best choices based on your Soul potential, you can realize the success you want and contribute to the success of your community.

Your hands and fingerprints are the map for living a life of meaning and purpose. Hand Analysis is the navigation tool you’ve been looking for.

Hands – lines, shape, fingers and color – reflect your personality archetype, your motivations, your behaviors

Fingerprints contain the map of your core essence that goes beyond your personality characteristics.

fingerprints reveal your soul map

Imprinted indelibly 5 months before you were born. Fingerprints contain the elusive higher self, your unique purpose as well the least conscious part of you–what is getting in the way of a life lived fully and on purpose.

What will I take away from the Intensive Hand Analysis Class?

This experience offers you an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the groundbreaking scientific hand and fingerprint analysis system of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA). In our time together you will learn the essentials of Hand and Fingerprint Analysis.  Following this weekend you will:

    • Hold the key to unlock anyone’s “reason for being”
    • Know your own Life Purpose and what is getting in the way of living it
    • Benefit in 3 specific ways: build trust in your intuition; learn the data that offers the doorway to a life of meaning, and accelerate your personal path to abundance and fulfillment
    • Immediately apply the information to do practical and meaningful readings for others
    • Feel the deep satisfaction of confidently helping others find happiness and understand the root causes of unhappiness in their lives too


Is Hand Analysis Training For Me?

YES, if You…

    • Are ready for a power-packed 21 hours of life-changing personal growth!
    • Are looking for the ultimate map to life’s greatest treasures and the secrets to meeting the challenges along the way.
    • Have you been searching for the right tool to capture the essence of your Life Purpose
    • Are finally committed to doing what it takes to make the changes you want
    • Want to apply this tool to help others live their lives more authentically with passion and clarity
    • Think you might want to make a living as a Hand Analyst while growing into your most meaningful life

This experience is a life changing immersion in a powerful paradigm of human consciousness. You can join us for personal and for professional reasons.

It’s like waking up and seeing your self,
your true self, in the mirror for the first time.


 GO HERE to check out what our students are saying about the class.


the International Institute of Hand Analysis

Are We For You?

YES, if…

…You want the BEST Hand Analysis course available anywhere delivered directly by seasoned certified professional Master Hand Analysts and Master Teachers. I am honored to be among the FIVE Master Teachers who are sanctioned to teach advanced IIHA programs and confer IIHA certifications. We uphold the highest standards and student-oriented curriculum developed by the IIHA over the last 30 years. Why Train with Us?  Read more.

…Want your guide to be 100% devoted to hands – reading hands, researching hands, teaching hands, and making my living with hands. My passionate focus on hands gives me the highest expertise and mastery!



Janet Savage master teacher


…With 18 years of full-time professional experience as a Hand Analyst and over 10,000 hands read, Janet Savage is your Instructor for the Live Autumn & Spring, USA, LifePrints Intensive. She has 30 years of prior experience in counseling, career and leadership development, adult education and training expertise in academic, private and government settings around the world. She is an IIHA trained Master Hand Analyst – one of 10 practicing in the world and an IIHA Master Teacher – one of 5 in the world.

GO HERE to review the benefits of taking this Level I course live, in-person.




You can feel confident in your training and enjoy the credibility that working with the founding source institute confers.

…You want to receive maximum benefit in these 21 hours. We offer a Triangle of Learning Excellence you will find nowhere else. Learn the database, sharpen you intuition and gain readership and counseling skills.

Intuition, Counseling, Database

…You’ll experience a small class, personal attention, lots of practice. And prepare yourself for some special surprises – they taste good and some are very friendly!! Why not ease into your most meaningful life in relaxed nature-filled surroundings.

April 2018, 5th – 8th

Burlington, Vermont
Starts 5 pm Thursday; ends 4 pm Sunday
Tuition: $1495 (for the Live Class)

Early Bird $1195 – deadline March 4th | Payment Plan available • 3 easy payments of $500

~ PAY IN FULL by March 4th, save $300  plus CLAIM 3 BONUSES worth over $400~

Bonus 1:  An extra tutoring session to focus on building your skills (you already have one 1 hr session as part of your tuition)

Bonus 2: Special 2018 student rate on specialty workshops and business training

Bonus 3: 2 Videos from our Distance-based Class on the Heart Line and Palmar dermatoglyphs

Are you ready to take this Journey?

Contact Janet for questions, a brief interview and to receive the application.


Let’s Get Specific About Hand Analysis

In our time together you’ll discover the keys to accelerated personal evolution and how they work together to advance and challenge you on your life’s path:

Purpose/Soul Psychology—Fingerprints—Your Road Map for Life
What Is Life Purpose (and what it’s not)
Intro to the Soul Psychology Cycle (intertwined workings of Purpose, Lesson, and School)Physical Identification of the Prints
Decoding the basic 14 Life Purposes
Decoding the basic 14 Life Lessons
Decoding the 4 Life Schools Guided meditation and personal & group reflections about your Soul Psychology [Live Intensive only!]

Personality Psychology—Shape and Lines—Your Vehicle For Your Life’s Journey
Thumbs—Manifestation= Intention, Discernment, and Determination,
Fingers—Areas of Aptitude and Personal Challenge
Finger Settings—Non-negotiable Needs that Must be Met
Intro to Lines: Heart Lines, your emotional system and relating style

We’ll also cover the following:
Delicious Dilemmas: harmonizing the contradictions between Purpose and Personality

How to communicate what you see/counseling skills

How to print hands and fingerprints with best equipment recommendations

How to set up and do a reading through live sessions with real volunteers.  [Live intensive only!]

Following the class:
Private follow-up tutoring; recordings to listen to anytime.  (See Early Bird bonuses)
How we can support you as you move forward with hands as a business w/special offers for students only!



Let Your hands guide you during this one of a kind experience…

Hand Analyst students print hands
What will we be doing each day?
Snacks and drinks available all weekend

Thursday evening, 5 – 9 pm – light dinner available

• Introductions/Expectations

• Overview of the course, the workbook, palmistry traditions and the IIHA System

• Introduction to your Soul Psychology, written in the fingerprints


fingeprints reveal your life purposeLife School: the “waters of life” you must learn to navigate/your foundation for the unfolding of your Life Purpose

Life Purpose: your reason for being alive

Life Lesson: your least evolved skill that becomes your ally in disguise and specific specialty


• How to Ink print your hands and fingerprints

• How to identify fingerprint patterns – Part I


Friday, 9–5:30:

• Fingerprint ID continues – Part II

• Equipment recommendations and practice

Life Schools

• Mythology related to the hands and fingerprints – Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Mars, Venus and the Moon

• Special guest appearances – practice in groups


Saturday, 9-5:30:

• Review/plus more examples for practice

Life Purpose – Identification, meaning, discussion/exercises about own LP

Life Lesson – Identification, meaning, discussion/exercises about own LL

Personality Psychology – written in the shape and lines of the hands

1st stop – Thumbs, meaning, size, angle of opposition


Sunday, 9–4:

Review and Practice – more examples of Fingerprint Patterns

Personality Psychology continues …

  • Thumbs continued, straight vs curved, flexibility, chakras
  • Special guest appearances/Famous Hands – more practice
  • The Fingers:
    • Aptitudes/Challenges
    • Finger Sets: Non-negotiable needs, motivation, and energy allocation
  • The Lines:
    • Overview
    • Emotional Systems – the Heart Line

the 4 heart lines, passion heart, nurturer, stoic, rationalist



A peek at Soul Psychology imprinted in your fingerprints…the combinations are unique to you.

Which life School have you signed up for?

School of Peace or Panic
School of Wisdom through Action or Waiting
School of Love and Closeness or Misunderstanding
School of Service or Servitude

And which of the 14 basic Life Lessons are you working on?

Failure and Frustration Issues
Dysfunctional Family, Body Issues
Powerless, Overwhelmed, and Trapped
Victimization, Numbness, and Boundary Issues
Money, Responsibility, and Commitment Issues
Self-Esteem and Unworthiness Issues
Rejection Fear and Blocked Creativity
Conforming, Selling Out, Hiding Out Issues
Trouble Speaking Up and Getting Heard
Relationship, Trust, and Vulnerability Issues
Life Out of Balance
Taking the Wrong Risks
Emotional In-authenticity
Sacrifice for Everyone


And which of the 14 basic Life Purposes are you here to manifest?

Master of Results/Success
Life of Passion/Advocacy
Business/Setting Things Right
Messenger/Mass Communicator
Healer/Inspirational Communicator
Master of Peace & Balance
Master of Wisdom & Advising
Master of Love & Feelings Master of Service amp; Sharing

 Reading each other's hands + learning about Life Purpose


Course Logistics

intensive hand analysis course logistics

Course Dates: April 2018, 5th – 8th

Course Includes:

  • 200 page workbook with hand print examples
  • Private tutoring after class is over
  • Audio downloads for your ongoing review
  • Fun and laughter on the path to powerful personal growth!

Tuition: $1,495

~ early bird, $1195, if paid in full by March 4th ~

Other Options and opportunities:

  • No Interest payment plan available – 3 easy payments
  • Inquire about affordable accommodations
  • Inquire about flights and airports


Think you are ready to join us and jump start your life and help others discover and live up to their highest potential?

If so, call Janet at 802-279-8554 or e-mail: so we can see if this course is for you and if you are for this course! We’ll arrange a time to talk.

This Intensive Hand Analysis Course is limited to 8 students and this course fulfills the IIHA pre-requisite for the full IIHA Certified Hand Analyst Training to begin in Autumn 2018. 


Live in another country?  Can’t make the in-person Intensive?  No worries, we have a distance/web-based class available.  It is taught by my colleague, Master Teacher and founder of our distance-based programs, Ronelle Coburn.

Ronelle Coburn - Hand AnalystSpring 2018 Dates TBA| Worldwide DISTANCE-BASED Training
With Master Teacher, Ronelle Coburn
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Visit Life Purpose Academy  to learn more about our programs.