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Fire Up Your Inner Entrepreneur

Calling all Hand Analysts and soon all Solo-entrepreneurs!

Are you a body, mind and spirit solo-entrepreneur? Need support and outside expertise in how to make a living as a healer? Contact me – – to be on the early bird list once our new course design is ready= Autumn 2017.


Fire Up Your Inner Solo-Entrepreneur with
Five Knockout, No Nonsense Strategies for Success


Success secrets for the Solo-entrepreneurJoin other Healers from far and wide.  Yes! You can live anywhere in the world. Immerse yourself in 10 months of business training brought to you by HandTales and Life Purpose Academy. Want to go from “I’m trying. I’m committed. But I’m just not where I want to be” to getting paid as a healer? Want to experience the freedom that comes with that success? And we’re here to help you. Here’s how…..

We want you to build your business your way using proven tools that work. We know they work because we’ve tested them over the past 33 years and worked out the bugs. Now you get the benefit of our trial and error and success. We’ll help you get beyond your doubts and manage your fear of “just doing it”. We’ll be there as you take one step at a time toward your right livelihood and right life. Are you ready?

 Next Course: Autumn 2017 • New Design • Calling all Solo-entrepreneurs with a Body, Mind, Spirit Practice


Is this for You?

Are you already reading hands or have another healing practice and making money doing it?

  • But you find yourself at a plateau? If so, how about honing those entrepreneurial skills to get off that flat plane and soar to the next level?
  • Could you benefit from support and a little nudge (or a big one!) as you grow your practice from bare-bones bill-paying income to being paid what you’re worth?
  • Do you have a big-picture vision for your business but are unsure how to get there? Just a little bit overwhelmed by the day-to-day steps?


Not in the business yet but dream of being paid as a healer using hand analysis?

  • Do you read hands here and there, but not making a business out of it?
  • Wish you ran your own business instead of working for one?
  • Do you yearn to do meaningful work and to get paid for it but feel limited by fear of the unknown?
  • Are you afraid it is “too late” for you to claim the livelihood of your dreams?
  • What are you telling yourself about stuff like money, security, reputation? Is this your voice or that of your family? Are you determined to find your true voice?


And here’s the most important question ……..Take the butterfly's journey to success

Are you committed, I mean really committed, to do what it takes to be a successful solo-entrepreneur? Stop right here. Ask yourself that question again. What kind of feelings, body response, brain response came up?

……O.K., ARE you ready to learn from your teachers and colleagues taking this business success training? Are you prepared to venture out there and take some risk as you apply the tools? To seek the right support to overcome  your doubts and manage your fear of “just doing it”. We’ll be there every step of the way.




Am I eligible to take this training? New 2017 course will be designed for all Solo-entrepreneurs..stay tuned

You are if you completed a Level I or above course taught by a hand analyst. You don’t have to be a student of Janet or Ronelle or the other faculty of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA). If you studied with someone who trained at the IIHA, then you could be eligible. AND, if you are a palmist who has similar palmistry language and knows something about the meaning of fingerprints, you MAY BE ELIGIBLE too. Contact me, to figure this out.


Want to get EVERYTHING “You Need To Succeed”

…with both translating the language of hands and going pro in business as Hand Analyst? You’ll gain access to both Janet and Ronelle, two of the top 5 Master Teachers of IIHA LifePrints Hand Analysis. We’re full-time, full-income business successes. Accelerate your success as a PAID Professional Hand Analyst. If we can do it, YOU CAN Make a Living While Making a Life doing what you love as a healer specializing Hand Analysis!


Join Us TODAY!

Ready to jump on board with us?  Choose from 3 options (and don’t forget, Post-Grads Continuing Education is for Certified Hand Analyst and above only).  If you are opting for the Business Training or the Business Training and Post Grads – you have 3 short steps to claim your seat! Click on the register button; fill out the short registration form; send and it you will be directed to your payment options. You’re on your way!



Business Training for Hand AnalystsBusiness Training – Fire Up Your Inner Entrepreneur
Payment Plan: 183.70USD/month for 10 months




Who are my guides?

Janet Savage-successful solo-entrepreneurJanet Savage • 16+ Years Full-time Full-Income Healer • Master Hand Analyst • Master Teacher With 20 years as a solo-entrepreneur – 3 years as a free-lance health consultant and 17+ as a Hand Analyst, I’ll be your primary guide on this journey. Prior to my 17 years as a hand analyst, I was a freelance consultant in the health field. I developed and co-taught a similar live face-to-face series for 3 years in California. The participants were body, mind and spirit practitioners from a variety of fields including hand analysis. With inspiration from a Master Mind hosted by Ronelle and me a few years ago and years more experience …. Voila! the new and improved version is here! Designed especially for hand analysts like you. I’m excited to help you weather the rough spots and celebrate the smooth sailing successes I know you’ll have along the way. To learn more about me, GO HERE.

Ronelle Coburn -successful solo-entrepreneurRonelle Coburn • 18+ Years Full-time Full-Income Healer • Master Hand Analyst • Master Teacher  I’ve helped tens of thousands to understand themselves and their lives better, while making my full-income living from my hand analysis consulting and training practice. As my business developed, people from all areas of my life started asking for business advice when they realized I was a successful entrepreneur as a hand analyst, something they thought improbable at best. I’m excited that Janet has invited me to to be a part of helping you get paid as a healer. I’ve contributed to the content of the series and will be joining you all from time to time.

To learn more about Ronelle and the Life Purpose Academy, her training site, GO HERE.


With 33 years of combined experience as full time, successful solo-entrepreneurs – we want you to succeed too. We had excellent training in best business practices from the International Institute of Hand Analysis. Our greatest learning, however, came from trail and error, successes and blunders. We learned the hard way. You’ll struggle and flail too as you step up and step out and you’ll experience the thrill of success. We’ll be there to soften the blow when you stumble as we share our wisdom and encourage you to find your own solutions. You’ll most likely hear me say, “been there, done that and here’s what I learned“.

You’ll get support and the wisdom from your group on the monthly calls as well.  YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE!  Join us and find the success you have been longing for.


AND NEW THIS YEAR – you’ll get the benefit of interviews with other experts in blogging, webinars and more….


Now for the rest of the story about our Fire Up Your Inner Entrepreneur business training …….

Got challenges? We’ll tackle them with you.

Spend 10 months with us and get the answers to your questions. Our next training starts in the Autumn 2017 and goes through next May, 2018. Imagine those answers catapulting you forward to a sense of accomplishment and freedom even beyond your expectations. Imagine a bank account that breathes more easily. Leave with the satisfaction that you are touching many lives as you help them find their true path.

Five no-nonsense strategies for successHere are just some of the challenges I hear from those who are trying to figure out how to succeed as a hand analyst:

What do I do first? Vision/mission statement, biz plan, biz name, website, biz card, Facebook page … oh my!

Folks love their sessions with me; why don’t they refer others?

I don’t know where to go or what to do to find clients

I’ve gone to an expo/networking meeting and had some great conversations, but no one contacted me for a session.

I’m having trouble explaining what I do.

I hate to sell. Even harder because I’m selling ME!

I am so frazzled trying to keep track of everything – income, expenses, contacts, my calendar ­– you know, that adminstrivia.  How do you do it?

What tools do you recommend for keeping my business humming and my clients and colleagues engaged?

Where should I go for help? I know I can’t do it ALL myself but I have limited resources.

Help! What should I charge for my services? What should I offer?

I’m scared to do a group presentation? What will they think? How can I keep them interested and wanting more?

Have you already nailed some or most of these things above, but you want to get a fresh start and a fresh perspective?  This is for green entrepreneurs AND more seasoned entrepreneurs!

We’ll explore all of this and more…… and I’m sure you have stuff that comes up as well. I want to hear from you. I’ll add yours to the list.

What are last year’s participants saying??  GO HERE to check out the feedback plus some other valuable stuff about the class!


More Details, Please! How Will This Kick Start My Business?

Glad you asked! Our Fire Up Your Inner Entrepreneur training immerses you in best business practices that work for aspiring or expanding entrepreneurs like you. Challenge yourself to focus on the why, how, when, who and where in each phase as you develop and apply your success formula.  Tell me more …..

  • How do I create my Formula for Success?

    With the guidance and wisdom of your teachers and colleagues, your entrepreneurial light bulb will turn on over and over as you learn and apply best practices.

The 5 Essential Elements of Your Success Formula

  1. The Four Phases of Business – Learn from the stages and cycles of the Butterfly
  2. Listen Up
  3. Show Up
  4. Follow Up
  5. Hook UP

We’ll figure out where you are now and where you need to go next. I’ll show you how Listen Up, Show Up, Follow Up and Hook Up work in each phase of your business.


How can I ensure my success? It’s up to you, of course!


Face you fears and succeed as a paid healerYes, we’ll be there to support your adventure as you learn and adapt the strategies for success. Ultimately it IS up to you. Here’s how you can ensure you success:

  • Watch the monthly videos and download the audios to reference at any time (look for them at the beginning of each month)
  • Do  the exercises; apply them in real time; test the waters
  • Participate in your monthly phone group discussion – bring challenges, experiences to the table; give and get help; offer insights and resources (group tutoring is the 3rd Weds. of the month • no group in August • meets the 2nd Weds in Dec.)
  • Use your 2 hrs (total) of e-mail exchange with me strategically



Business Training for Hand AnalystsBusiness Training – Fire Up Your Inner Entrepreneur
Payment Plan: 183.70USD/month for 10 months





Are you ready for a Hi Content, Hi Touch, Lo Cost journey to SUCCESS – the success you deserve as you build your business your way?

What will success feel like to you?

Imagine what it will feel like to celebrate with other Hand Analysts and to know you have a community that will continue to support you as you take each new step as a paid healer. Take a moment and breathe in that feeling.  Join us today!