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Shed Your Skin – The Acorn and Snake can be Your Guide

Posted by on February 28, 2013 in Stories of Transformation | 3 comments

An acorn cannot become anything other than an oak tree. It takes extraordinary and often extreme conditions such as lightening to crack open the acorn shell so that the seed can begin to grow into an oak tree. Scientists and metaphysicians could argue endlessly about why that is. But I shall not digress from our tale.

You cannot be anything other than a human with dreams, challenges, successes …… And you are born with a unique Life Purpose like the acorn born to be an oak tree not a rabbit! In other blog entries and on my website, I have explored what we mean by your Soul Purpose.  Feel free to investigate at Briefly, you do have a higher purpose, a unique calling. This imprint can be found in your fingerprints. This potential comes with NO GUARANTEES that conditions will be right for full expression. How then can you crack the shell to embody more of who you are supposed to be with out the inevitable extreme conditions?

The snake may just have the answer.

The snake is a symbol of Transmutation, Life Force, Growth and Awakening. As the snake grows, he sheds his skin all at once to accommodate his new growth (not girth like some of us!). The old skin does not serve him any more.  READ ON – Snake will guide you.

You shed our skin and blood cells over time so that every seven years you have a “new you”. It is not necessarily something you notice or celebrate. Has it every felt, however, that you have gotten the skin knocked right off of you? You feel exposed, raw and unprepared. Why not act like a snake and consciously shed your skin to make room for the new as you grow toward your higher purpose?


Seven Year Cycles

 Speak with most any human or child development specialist, an astrologer or a hand analyst, and they are likely to talk about the importance of seven year cycles. Preparing for each of these cycles consciously affords you more opportunity to discover what it takes to have healthier relationships, more meaningful work, creative expression, and simply to experience more joy and peace. This knowledge can also give you more empathy for those around you.

Here are a few examples of these cycles. You might find yourself saying, I knew that! As you read this, remember what the snake symbolizes transmutation, life force, growth and awakening.

  •  Birth Do I need to say anything more?
  •  Age 7 From baby to independent child, ready to take on some responsibility, able to identify right and wrong, to test rules. The information in their hands becomes more about them and not mommy and daddy. If you know someone turning 7, check out this book: Seven Year Old Wonderbook.
  •  Age 14 The obnoxious know it all teen. In opposition to the world around them; authority figures are challenged or ignored; sexual identity becomes a primary focus. They are seeking their own identity apart from their immediate family. This a good time for a Life Purpose session with me to give them permission to celebrate their uniqueness; the 1st step in the path to Life Purpose.
  •  Age 21 The young adult ready to make adult decisions, out of school, out of the home, 1st real job, 1st marriage, 1st real adventures etc. The more they embrace this responsibility consciously and learn how to make good decisions the better.

Each cycle, especially around age 28-30 and 56-58 (called the 1st and 2nd Saturn Returns), challenges you to be straight with yourself, to look at old structures and ways it has always been.

To be ready for these changes, shed the old skin that does not serve you anymore so that you are fully prepared for the rite of passage into a new you and for the occasional lightening strike. This may be a good time for you as a parent or personally to seek some guidance so you do not have to wait for those extreme conditions to force you to change. Call me for an appointment – 802-279-8554. (p.s. I can read for children as young as 4 years old.)

And you might not know that there are lots of FREE resources available to you – all about the power and magic of your hands.  Start Here. Become a member of the HandTales community to help you discover, claim and live your authentic story.  Lots of great resource for our members including 3 discovery recordings to jump start your journey.  Happy travels………


  1. There it is again..after 58 do you fallo off earth’s edge? Or is there another cycle after that?

    • Yes, Susan – it is not doom and gloom after 58. Next Saturn return is 28 years later at around 86. But the 7 year cycles continue until the end….so 58, 65, 72, 79 ….

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Janet. I had the privilege of meeting you at Trapp a few years ago…your “voice” and positive, uplifiting energy come flooding back as I read your written words. thank you for reminding me to not be afraid to “shed some skin” and move forward.

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