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We have an ever expanding array of tools especially designed to help you on your journey and to deepen your understanding of hands and how we interpret the rich information inside. Not a member yet?  Click here to join the HandTales Community.  You’ll have full access immediately to all of the tools described below and more on the way……


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Your Introduction to the transformational power of your hands – 3 Audios from a recent Tele-Seminar series.

  • Tele-Seminar I-How do your Personality Psychology and Soul Psychology work together + the Life SchoolListen now and/or contact us for the download link:

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  •  Tele-Seminar II-Soul Psychology – Your Life Purpose and Your Life Lesson – Learning to dance on the your life stage
  • Tele-Seminar III- Who’s the Boss? The Thumb and What is Your Emotional Style?  The Heart Line.

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Do you know what you want and who you want to be?  Do you have it yet?  I hope so.  If not, grab a pen and notebook and maybe some friends and colleagues to jump right in to the 10 powerful exercises designed to capture the essence of your desires, wants and needs.  You’ll know which way you want to go, and you’ll leave motivated, clear and excited.  Use with your clients or for your own journey.  Here they are in a nutshell:

1.     Write a phrase for a longing, a deep desire

2.    When I was 7 years old ….

3.     Who was I?  Who am I now?  Who do I want to be?

4.    If I was associated with a movie studio ……

5.    100 I wants

6.    Drill Down to the core of what you really want

7.    Test the Legitimacy of My I Wants: the 8 Columns Exercise

8.    How to Write Intentions that Stick

9.    Talk to someone you admire ……….

10.  Guidelines for Creating a Vision Board

After years of working with clients, Janet designed or discovered these 10 exercises to help her clients get unstuck and on the right path.  Add it to your library for yourself, for your loved ones and for your clients.

Purchase it today for $49.95 on our resources page and you’ll receive the link to download the 16 pages of deep self discovery.  Or save $30 as a limited time offer.  Become a member of the HandTales Community – it is FREE – and your Life Threads Book is only $19.95.


The Map of the Hand

A color coded hand print that describes the meaning of the major lines in the hand, the fingers and thumb, the palm shape and the fingerprints. Open your hands.  Are they similar? Less lines, more lines?  How does your hand shape compare to this one?  Have fun exploring.

Download the map now. |Members only|


Hand Map: Hand Zones and their Meaning

This map describes the meaning of the 12 zones of the fingers, the 3 zones of the thumb and the zones in the palm of the hands in summary form.  This is based on information form the curriculum of the International Institute of Hand Analysis used in training Hand Analysts.  It is being used as a guide in an new book from HandTales – Hand Wisdom: A Metaphysical Guide to Hand Injuries and Your Health.  Coming out in June 2013

Download the map now. |Members only|


The Life Schools Chart

There are 3 parts of your Soul Agenda – your Life Purpose or highest calling, your Life Lesson or the obstacle that gets in the way, and your Life School, the context or bird’s eye perspective for the dance of your Purpose and Lesson.  Do you think you are in the School of Service, Love, Wisdom or Peace.  Oh, go ahead, which one speaks to you?

Download the chart for the Four Life Schools |Members only|

The chart shows you the potential for extreme pendulum swings until you activate the 3 words in the pendulum for each school.  For example, Discern, Decide and Act for the School of Wisdom.  The more you take the risk to make a decision and to act on it, the less likely your are to experience the extremes of Doubt and Dogma.  You can move toward the highest expression of the School of Wisdom – to experience Joy in knowledge, in being understood and understanding.

Members and non-members can have their fingerprints deciphered and receive an affirmation card for their Life School for only $19.95.  Go here to order this today.




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