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Methods for imprinting your fingerprints and hands

Are you a new client or a student?  Check out the video and guidelines on printing your fingerprints and the video and guidelines on printing your hands. These will help you get the most accurate imprints.

How to schedule a consultation with me.

Don’t live in Vermont, USA? You can schedule a phone, Skype or Zoom call with me. I’ll send you an ink printing kit if you live in the US or Canada.

If you live in another country here are the simplest methods for a quick turn around so we can get you started.

#1 Hand Prints: Photocopy your hands using a color copier – do not press your hands on the surface. Just anchor them carefully as you copy them one at a time. OR use the camera on your cell phone, capturing the palms close up and then the whole hand as close as you can get. Check the lighting to make sure your lines show up clearly. Check that you are taking the photo directly-no tilts or twists! Ask for help.

#2 Photograph your hands – See the video below for best results

#3 Fingerprints: Use the instructions and watch the video – Pencil, Paper, Tape method – below to capture your fingerprints clearly.

[When you are finished, scan Hand Prints and Fingerprints as a PDF or JPG at 200-300 DPI, gray scale.]


Video-Fingerprints – Pencil, Paper and Tape method

Download the instructions for this Paper,Pencil,Tape Method.

Video-Ink Kit Instructions to print hands and fingerprints

Video-Photograph your hands – Instructions in how to get the best results

Forms for Imprinting your fingerprints and hands

If you are scheduling a phone/Skype/Zoom appointment, I’ll send you an ink print kit with instructions. See video above for ink printing.

If we’ve decided to schedule you right away for a private consultation, go here to download instructions on a quick, reliable method for capturing your fingerprints and hand prints.

If you are ordering a LifePrints Report or wish to have your fingerprints decoded so that you can personalize our books on Life Purpose, download instructions here and watch the video above.