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Hand Wisdom – A Holistic Guide to Hand Injuries and Your Health

Second Printing of our Hand Wisdom Book is HERE!!

Our new edition contains: even easier step by step instructions on how to use the book if you have a hand injury or issue •  expanded information on possible challenges for all segments of the palms and finger zones • additions of the wrist, forearm and elbow to help when the pain presents in your hands • additions in the injuries and issues section.

Check out what folks who bought the book are saying – scroll down for some praise!

Presenting a new pathway to health using the wisdom of your hands

Imagine having a resource that can guide you to
a deeper understanding of a hand injury and other problems in your hands.
Your hands hold a message for you. Are you willing to listen?

Hand Wisdom - A Holistic Guide to Hand Injury and Your Health

Are you a health care or healing practitioner?

Do clients come to you complaining of pain?

Do you treat hand injuries, skin conditions, arthritis?

Are you a hand analyst or palmist who addresses hand problems?

Not a practitioner but a person who has a hand problem or knows someone who does?

For example: Arthritis, cuts or burns, breaks, skin conditions, Carpal Tunnel, numbness




U.S./Canada $39.95 plus S/H

Outside the U.S./Canada, $39.95 plus S/H


How to Use the Book – View this brief Tutorial


Our book has a one-of-a-kind layout to make it easy to use

Download printable instructions here

What are folks saying about the book?

As a surgeon, I am in awe at the complexity and artistry of the human hand. Within the hand lies our inter-connectedness to our natural environment, to our spiritual worlds and to our genetic ancestry.  It may make sense for those of us in the healing arts to take a closer look at the information our hands have to offer.  There is ancient wisdom to be found at our fingertips.

I look forward with excitement and anticipation to the contribution of the work contained in this book.

~ Excerpt from the Hand Wisdom book Forward – Dr Philip Trabulsy, Asst. Professor, Dept of Orthopedics, Director, Program in Integrative Health, UVM College of Medicine

I’m very conscious about the “near misses” (injuries) in my own hands and what it means. Your words in Hand Wisdom Book really resonated with classmate who’d banged up her right Jupiter finger. Your narrative was spot on. She had new insights into what hand transpired before she slammed her hand on the desk out of frustration and the ensuing injury. ~ R.B. Hand Analyst


Hands are not my area of expertise but my studies of metaphysics and dis-ease in combination with treating patients for 30 years definitely correlate with this book and gives me a better tool to sort my treatment ideas, especially if the person reports prior hand/wrist issues. Some of it’s quite amazing. ~ S. S.Energy Healer


I believe the connections you make are so true and there are times when treating patients, they get the other part of what is keeping them from getting better and sometimes, I get that it’s my role to help them to see beyond the paradigm of their thoughts and belief patterns – not curing them but helping them to heal and take control of their life again – not letting the pain and injury take control of them.  ~ K.F. Physical Therapist


It took me a few minutes to figure out how to use the half pages. Now I love the layout and ease of use. Makes so much sense. ~ A. P. Chiropractor


As a newly trained Hand Analyst, the brief and concise knowledge in your descriptions helped me to further my understanding of aspects of the hands that I hadn’t pulled together yet. ~ E. R. Hand Analyst

A message from the Authors …Janet Savage, Hand Analyst

Julie Sonack-Hand TherapistCollaborators Julie Sonack, MS, OT/L, and Janet Savage, MPH, MHA, conceived of this theory combining years of research in hand analysis and experience in the field of hand injuries. It is our hope that the information in the Hand Wisdom book will lead readers to optimal health.

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