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Recommended Books from the Master Hand Analysts of the International Institute of Hand Analysis


LifePrints: Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints. Books for insightLifePrints: Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints

by Richard Unger, Founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis

Crossing Press, 2007

Books for insight

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Life Purpose Now-It's in Your Fingerprints. Books for transformationLife Purpose Now: It’s in Your Fingerprints

Ronelle Coburn devotes her entire book to Life Purpose. She describes your Life Purpose in elegant detail. Buy the whole book or buy just the chapters relating to your Purpose.

Books for transformation

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Hand Wisdom: A Holistic Guide to Hand Injuries and Issues and your Health. Books to heal by.Hand Wisdom: A Holistic Guide to Hand Injuries and Your Health
Janet Savage and co-author, Julie Sonack combine their knowledge of the hands from hand analysis and occupational therapy to offer a new pathway to health through the wisdom of your hands. Designed for healers and health practitioners who use hands as a focus for healing.
 Books to heal by.




Life Schools Affirmation Cards

Life Schools affirmation cards - Service, Love, Wisdom and PeaceDesigned for professional Hand Analysts and student Hand Analysts, they make a great thank you gift for new clients and during group presentations if you are revealing their Life School.

Each Card is 7” x 2 1/2” – Book Mark size.  The front of each of the 4 cards is shown here and a view of the 4 different back sides with the affirmations for each School.

Order a set of 30 each for a total of 120 cards for $24.00 plus S/H.  Or tailor your order according to frequency of Life School – Most common – Love, then Service, then Peace, then Wisdom – 120 cards for $24.00 plus S/H.

To order a set of 30 each = 120 cards:

To tailor your order – 45 Love, 35 Service, 25 Peace, 15 Wisdom = 120 cards:

For International Orders, please download this form and send it to me as an attachment and I will calculate shipping charges.

Click here to download and print the order form.

Some examples of what are folks saying?

I have my card by my bed and read it before I go to sleep. ~ Client

I put my card on the refrigerator – it speaks the truth every morning. ~ Client

Just found my card again the other day – what a great reminder.  I’m doing pretty well right now! ~  Client

My clients love this.  Such a lovely way to summarize the goal for each Life School.  I want to order more. ~  Hand Analyst


Life Threads: 10 Exercises that will change your life

[$49.95/$19.95 for Members]

Take the 10 EXERCISES IN 10 DAYS challenge. Do you know what you want and really who you want to be?  If yes, good on ya?  If not, grab a pen and notebook and maybe some friends and colleagues to jump right into these 10 powerful exercises designed to capture the essence of YOU.  You’ll know which way you want to go, and you’ll leave motivated, clear and excited.  Use with your clients or for your own journey.  Here they are in a nutshell:

1.    Write a phrase for a longing, a deep desire

2.    When I was 7 years old ….

3.    Who was I?  Who am I now?  Who do I want to be?

4.    If I was associated with a movie studio ……

5.    100 I wants

6.    Drill Down to the core of what you really want

7.    Test the Legitimacy of My I Wants: the 8 Columns Exercise

8.    How to Write Intentions that Stick

9.    Talk to someone you admire ……….

10.  Guidelines for Creating a Vision Board

After years of working with clients, Janet designed or discovered these 10 exercises to help her clients get unstuck and on the right path.

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  Order a LifePrints Report

[$49.95]Life Prints Report

A 14 – 18 page report specially tailored just for you. Read about your Soul Agenda in detail – including your Life School, Life Purpose and Life Lesson – based on your unique fingerprints. Although not a substitute for the highly personalized experience of a full Life Purpose Mapping Session, this can get you started on the next level of your soul journey.




Have your fingerprints deciphered and receive an affirmation card for your Life School for only $19.95. If you order one of our books, you will need your fingerprints deciphered in order to personalize the information. And get a bonus Life School card by ordering today. Download the instructions in how to get your fingerprints to me.