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Reflections on the Perfect Summer – A personal lesson on abundance

Posted by on November 9, 2012 in Find Success and Happiness | 0 comments

I love Vermont in all of it’s extremes. And we had the Perfect Summer (and Fall) – gentle and, well, just perfect, unlike so much of the rest of the world. I am grateful and have lived in abundance these past months living as I lived as a kid in the summertime.  Abundance, thriving, ease, freedom, adventure …. All of these words are high on my list for the life I want. And this Summer surely captured most of this in ways that aren’t monetary.

True confessions. My business was slow for a few months – usual for the Summer anyway and maybe because of the “economy” – everyone’s story line these days. I worried a bit and went back to one of my anchors – daily affirmation: I live fully in the present in abundance – an abundance of wealth, health, time, energy, spirit, laughter, joy and thus of giving.  It helped.  And, I think I learned something about how financial abundance works tho’.

Bottom line? I was not in full thrive mode for the generous free spirit I want to be. When this happens, often asked myself why? I love what I do; I am good at it; I get incredible kudos from my clients and I am fully committed. My theory? It is essential that I live each day as if I am financially free and thriving in order to create true financial freedom. And I have to unhook from the striving to “make a living” as often as it takes to go inside and find out what I really want and need.

During this time, I  was not spending a lot and my expenses are low anyway.  I was just spending rich time with my family and friends – in swimming holes, at picnics, riding, creating, laughing, eating. This Summer of slow business gave me the opportunity to pause, reflect and thus build new dimensions and opportunities to create financial abundance.

Has all of this abundance thinking, given me the gifts I am looking for? The evidence is there. I know what I need to be and do to meet my financial goals and it is not all about business planning and business doing.   I find I am grateful for the downturns.  I even managed a 3 week trip to California and Colorado in the Fall – covered all my expenses and filled my bank account upon return.  I worked for 6 days and had fun the rest of the time.

Sending abundance blessings out to all who want more richness in their life!