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Private Consultations

What can I expect in a session with you?

You have 3 session options to choose from:  A full Life Purpose Mapping Session, A Transition Series of 3 Sessions and my VIP program which is a longer journey with a variety of benefits beyond the sessions themselves. You can work with me face-to-face, over the phone, Zoom or Skype.

I’d like to offer you a complimentary 20 minute consultation to explore what you want and where you are – to see if we are match. And to determine which option is the best for you. Contact me to set up your 20 minute consult.

If you are looking for predictive palmistry, this is not the place. Life Purpose Hand Analysis is about planting you firmly in the present, in self acceptance, self love and self awareness so that you are prepared for anything in the future. So that you can make the best choices. So that you can create the success, happiness and meaning you deserve.

Choose your journey…

Life Purpose Mapping Session

Are you making some changes and need a little guidance? Start with a Life Purpose Mapping Session.

Life Purpose Mapping Session  [$254] [Recorded Live or via Phone][Payment plans available]

Are you clear about your Life Purpose?

If so, are you living it fully every day?

If not, do you know what’s getting in the way?

And how about those daily frustrations:

  • Want to figure out why that money thing keeps raising it’s ugly head?
  • Ready to break unhealthy relationship patterns?
  • Determined to find more meaningful work that pays?
  • Wondering what’s next now that you are retiring or experiencing empty nest syndrome?

A Life Purpose Mapping Session will start you on your way.

It’s all in your hands! Literally, your hands hold the answers to life’s most challenging questions and can give you the key to unlocking doorways that have been closed too long. This information is good throughout your life. You hands can inform every decision you make. They reveal who you are at the deepest level. No predictions.

We’ll pinpoint your unique Soul Agenda, including your Life School, Life Purpose and Life Lesson, based on your fingerprints and capture the main theme from your Personality Psychology based on your palms, lines, and fingers. You receive a recording of the session along with notes hi-lighting the main themes.

Note: We recommend that you order a LifePrints Report [link to Resources – books, Reports page] following the session. This is a great reference to accompany your recording.

Transition Series – 3 Sessions

Are you ready for a big transition in your life and you know you can’t do it alone?

Transition Series  [$508] [3 sessions for the cost of 2!] [Recorded Live or via Phone]

This includes the Life Purpose Mapping Session plus 2 additional sessions to create a personalized tool box to help you make the changes you desire. We deepen the story from the 1st session. We name and track the patterns that have been blocking you. I work with you to build your confidence and commitment to act on what you now know to be true about YOU and your most meaningful life path. This is core change and the tools you gain can be applied at any time in your life. You’ll leave with your formula – purpose + personality = potential.

VIP Program

Are you fully committed to living your life purpose in order to step into a life that feeds your body, mind, soul and bank account?

VIP Program  [$1590] [Recorded Live or via Phone][Payment plans available]

Life Fulfillment Series: Dreams into Reality

Why not get started building your dream life that supports you and your loved ones in every way? This series is designed to work on specific goals that reflect your Life Purpose and to create a support and accountability team. This coaching model helps you Identify, Track and Live your Life Purpose as you grow more conscious of what is getting in the way.

You have bi-monthly sessions with me over a 5 month period.  You receive exercises and resources designed to complement the sessions and have access to me via e-mail during this time together. We’re going to move from your Soul’s bird’s eye perspective, to tangible goals, to ways you can practically live your most meaningful life everyday life.

This is a co-collaboration where we design the best program for you together.

As a VIP client you’ll receive some amazing bonuses:

  • A complementary LifePrints Report, a 14 – 18 pg report outlining your Soul Agenda in detail
  •  Access to me via e-mail for 6 months following your sessions.
  • VIP discounts to Life Purpose Journey Groups, special rates for workshops, master minds and Hand Analysis training
  • Automatically on the list for limited enrollment opportunities to help you go deeper and uncover new treasures.


Rebalancing session for returning clients

Rebalancing Session – 50 minutes   [$135] [Recorded Live or via Phone]

If you have had an initial session with me within the last 18 months and now find yourself on the brink of something new either required or desired, it’s a good idea to check in to get some insight about present circumstances based on the bottomless information in your personal guidebook – your hands.  Come with questions and we’ll go where your hands take us.  If you are really committed to a bigger shift in your life, I suggest purchasing another full Life Purpose Mapping Session.  This will add an extra 30 minutes to your time with me. OR consider working with in over a longer period of time.  Check out the Transition series and the VIP opportunity

The centerpiece for all three is a tapestry of three interrelated systems in your hands that reveal your unique story – including your highest purpose, what is getting in the way of living it and your true personality expression.  Uncovering your Life Purpose and Life Lesson– revealed in your fingerprint patterns – and learning how to translate both into a life of meaning, success and balance, is the single most important thing you can do.

You may be considering Hand Analysis because:

  • Career – you desire meaningful work that matches your passion
  • Relationship – you are seeking the key to a healthy relationship and you want to break the patterns of unhealthy choices
  • Financial Health – you are doing something you love but can’t seem to find a way to make a good living doing it; or looking for a change and want to explore the financial soundness of your choice
  • Bodily Health and work/play/family balance – you love your family, care about your health and are working at something you enjoy but you keep getting sick and/or feel out of balance often

Our journey together always begins with your Soul Consciousness. The answers to the that list of concerns above, is embodied in how well you are expressing your Life Purpose and the progress you are making on your Life Lesson.  We can decide together how far you want to journey down your path of personal growth – to discover, claim and live your Life Purpose.

This journey is not about predicting your future, but planting you fully in the present, living your authentic story every day. Contributing what is truly yours to give. Receiving with grace and love.  I “predict” that you will be ready for anything the future throws your way including curve balls and treasure troves!

I would like to offer you a 20 minute FREE consultation to explore what you want and where you are – to see if we are match.  Contact me to set up your 20 minute consult.


What is it like to work with me?

Depending on where you live, we’ll schedule a face to face session or a phone/Skype session for you.  Either way, both are recorded and the experience is deeply personal and interactive.  We’ll capture a point in time with an ink print of your hands.  Don’t worry, I’ll show you how its done even if you live on the other side of the World!

Although I offer a lot  of information, I welcome your questions and reflections about your hands and fingerprints.  You come away with a map to take the next steps and a recording.  The information is good for a life time.

You can expect:

  • professionalism
  • a strong analytical background
  • keen intuition
  • respect for and years of experience working with many different cultures and lifestyles
  • a soothing story telling manner

Contact me to claim that 20 minute FREE consultation and get to know me!