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Okinawans call it Ikigai; Nicoyans call it plan de vida

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the Purpose in Life is a Life of PurposeAs a Life Purpose Hand Analyst it’s no wonder I get excited when I hear about Life Purpose described in other cultures.  I’ve been following the Blue Zones project whose mission is to identify communities in the world where longevity and quality of life are the highest.  Like the Gross National Happiness movement, the Blue Zone project is trying to capture what makes us healthy, happy and passionate about life.  They have named 9 common denominators that contribute to a vibrant, long life.  One of the 9 is to have a sense of purpose.  Two of the Blue Zone areas have a name this sense of purpose.  In Okinawa they call it Ikigai.  In the town of Nicoya in Costa Rico they call it plan de vida.  To learn more, please visit the recommended websites I have listed at the end of this post.

Today I wanted to explore the meaning of Life Purpose and particularly what I mean by your Soul Purpose.


What if you lived your Life Purpose everyday? How do you find it What is it?  What would it feel like ?

When I ask people “do you know your Life Purpose”, some look a little blank and shake their heads shyly.  Others are adamant that they know it.  What I have discovered is that everyone has a different notion of what Life Purpose is.  So what do I mean by Life Purpose?

I guide my clients to discover and claim their unique Soul Purpose and to learn to infuse it in every aspect of their lives.  This Soul Purpose stuff is elusive.  I’m going to try to capture it’s essence so that when you finish reading this, you will get a felt sense, a Gestalt, of it’s greatness and importance.  And perhaps you’ll understand a little more about what it is NOT.

The Okinawans call it Ikigai and the Nicoyans call it plan de vida . For both it translates to “why I wake up in the morning.” Knowing your sense of purpose is worth up to seven years of extra life expectancy according the Blue Zone research team.

Hand Analysts call it your Soul Purpose or Life Purpose.  This highest calling, reason for being, is found in your fingerprints – indelibly imprinted 5 months before your were born.

The great spirit breathes in the breath of life, and the tracks of breath become our fingerprints  ~ Navajo SayingFingerprints and your life purpose

What is Life Purpose according to our system of Hand Analysis?

First of all, you are not necessarily required to do anything with your Life Purpose and there is no guarantee that your Soul Expression will be embodied in this life time.  I have read for lots of folks who have been living in the inverse of their life’s purpose for most of their lives (I was one of those people)  For example:

The Artist who is hiding out/apathetic/conforming

The Big Shot who is playing small and shrinking from independent action

The Healer who has withdrawn and isolated from the world and has lost her own healing path.

If you choose to discover and claim your Life Purpose and commit yourself to living it every day no matter how many valleys you have to travel or mountains you have to climb, your life can be magical.  If you don’t, you may feel lost and stumbling and stuck in the dark valleys of your life.



Now let’s take a look at what Life Purpose is NOT!

Life Purpose is not ….

A talent or something you are good at like accounting or painting or listening.

Your value system or opinions. This can change over time – more or less conservative or liberal, feel strongly about something in your 20’s that now seems frivolous

A goal that you set – 2014 Olympic medal.  You arrive there, reach your goal or not and that’s it, on to the next goal.  Or to buy a house ….. again a goal, a measure of your material stability

Your career Niche – personality expression – many have chosen professions based on their tangible personality archetype `a la Myers Briggs personality tests

Many of these things – your values, talents, skills, career strength is more reflective of your Personality Psychology – revealed in our hands – fingers, palm, lines. Many things reflected in your hands shift as we experience life.  Your Soul Purpose never changes! LP goes way beyond these things.  And, of course, your choices in life should reflect your Soul Purpose.  And, if you are on-purpose, then they will.

I had glimmers in my life of my highest calling but it remained elusive until I was in my late 40’s.  The catalyst?  My first Hand Analysis session at the International Institute of Hand Analysis with Alana Unger, the wife of the founder of our system, Richard.  I now had permission to unlock those doors and to grow into who I was meant to be.


Life Purpose is ….

A life scale sense of fulfillment, a deep sense of meaning and place. Where you know you are expressing your highest potential.  Your LP is infused in everything you do.  Right place at right time, wake up smiling, energized, free, feeling capable of taking on what ever life throws at you.

 A person’s life purpose is nothing more than to rediscover, through the detours of art or love or passionate work, those one or two images in the presence of which his heart first opened.  ~ Albert Camus

In summary, your Soul Purpose vs. a more tangible expression in life such as a goal, a plan, a talent, a skill, a value system, a career focus:

  • Requires going from the unconscious to a conscious awareness and embodiment
  • Is infused in everything you are and do
  • Is unique to you based on the weaving of other factors in your hands
  • It never changes
  • There are no guarantees that it will be accessed and lived
  • There are always higher levels to achieve

Do you want to pinpoint your Life Purpose-no more guessing?  Consider a Life Purpose Mapping Session with me.  You can live anywhere in the world.

And you might not know that there are lots of FREE resources available to you – all about the power and magic of your hands.  Start Here. Become a member of the HandTales community to help you discover, claim and live your authentic story.  Lots of great resource for our members including 3 discovery recordings to jump start your journey.  Happy travels………

How to learn more about the Blue Zones project and the Gross National Happiness movement and Gross National Happiness USA.

My you wake up to the life you want to live. 

Thrive so that you can give what you are meant to give in this life time.


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