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My Story: When you’re ready to change tracks, what tools do you use?

Posted by on November 13, 2012 in Stories of Transformation | 0 comments

changing tracks Before I discovered hands, I was in academia and government work for over 30 years.  I knew years before I made the leap of faith, that I wanted to make a big change in my life – in career and in relationship.  I had good jobs and a reasonably functional marriage.  As I resisted doing anything about this yearning, circumstances escalated – and not in a good way.  I’ll save those details for another day!

One of my blocks was my reluctance to reach out to friends and experts who might help me clear the fog and support me in facing my fears.  When I finally got specific about my frustrations, I shared them with a dear friend.  She suggested I get my hands analyzed.  After a “Huh!” and a “Really?”,  I decided to put my skepticism aside despite my training as a scientist.  And I have never looked back.  And I made a big switch into a whole new life as a divorced hand analyst!  And I wouldn’t trade my life for anything else now.

BTW,  I’m warning you.  From my own experience and as a witness to many of my client’s journeys, if you think you want change – required or desired – be prepared for lots of weeds on the tracks.  My life went belly up for a while when I decided to up-end my life.  It happens.  It is supposed to happen.  My theory?  The big hairy gremlins pop out to test how committed you are to yourself and to doing what it takes to get the life you want.

Main message?  You can not make a big shift in your life without some help from your friends and others who can support and guide you.

I have some ideas about some ways you can engage with me through your hands and how to choose the tools that are right for you if not hands .   Are you ready for that change you want?

Get your train engineers hat on…..Wooo Hoooo!!

The way you choose your source for guidance and support has to come from your intuition, your gut.  Trust me, you’ll know if something is right for you….and have fun exploring the options.

There are many ways to work with me, including workshops and groups.  You can start by joining the HandTales Community to receive periodic news, musings and specials about hands.  Contact me if you are ready to claim a 20 minute FREE assessment to see if we are a fit.

I’d love you to work with me, but we may not be a fit.  In the years I have been an entrepreneur, I have had the good fortune to have many compassionate experts at my fingertips, both in California and Vermont – and others scattered around the World.  What works for me, will be different than what works for you.  Here are some ideas – explore on your own and contact me for a referral.

  • Life and Business Coaches
  • Career guidance/assessments consultants
  • Energy healers – including sound therapy, Reiki, and much much more
  • Shamanic Journeys Guides
  • Astrology and Tarot
  • Movement Therapy
  • Head therapist or counselor
  • I could go on….but if you want a connection, let me know.

May you live fully in your Purpose every day.