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My Resistance-Busting Mantra

Posted by on April 11, 2015 in Archetypes - Soul Psychology in the Fingerprints | 2 comments

Hug Self • Hug Others • Breath • Walk • Eat
I’m in resistance and I’m frustrated. Don’t we teach about/write about what we need most? So here goes:

  • I’m facing major resistance to finalizing and launching my brand new on-line series on making a business as a Hand Analyst.

    Resistance if futile

  • I’ve fallen off the wagon – my promise to feed my body, mind and spirit in small lovely breaks throughout the day has been broken. For the past 2 years, I have made this an essential part of my day…but recently not so much.
  • I’m rushing through things • I leave too little time to get places • I get distracted easily
  • I do all the little stuff that allows me to avoid the big stuff I need/want to do.

I’m frustrated that I just can’t auto-correct when things get out of balance. Wait. Wait. Wait. What I am saying to myself???? As a client recently said about herself, I “should on myself a lot”. Apparently that’s just what was happening. I figured that a little reflection, unearthing some techniques that have worked before and then sharing my own experience with you might help me. And give you permission to accept those stumbling blocks as essential. To find the way out and up.

I am re-inspired and unstuck (at least today!) and here’s why:

I gave myself some credit as a starting point to get me out of this hole of resistance. I gave myself a hug!

I really do love my life and where I live – I’ve made some excellent choices.give credit for how far you've come

I have 3 solid newsletters lined up to share with the HandTales Community. This is one of them.

I got my taxes done in a rather Right-Brained way. I have some lovely, competent Left- Brained accountants to straighten it all out. I realize despite almost 3 months off last year, I have had the best business year yet. I’m loving it.

I am getting clearer and more focused about this new biz series I am launching. O.K., it has been in the works for over a year. I’m excited and worried at the same time.

I getting lots of little stuff done in my business and personal life to avoid that big thing I mentioned…and I’m getting lots done. Action is always better than passive implosion. Although I can do that too!

I had a fabulous trip South this Winter and plan on a longer one next Winter. And I now have a new community in Florida to connect with – wonderful folks seeking more meaning, passion, purpose and connection like me.

I feel good about the fact I could help my brother financially so that he could get some new teeth.


I trusted that the right thing/tool/person will show up at the right time – the Universe does conspires to move us back to ourselves. And it did. Just in time to bust my resistance.

On the Florida leg of my trip in February, I attended a meditation group run by my host, Sandy. I don’t do much meditation, so it was refreshing to just BE with the group and with myself. Had some breakthroughs as a result. Sandy shared an article from the local paper called Mindfulness 101. Perfect for me then and perfect for me right now. And really simple “why don’t I live this way every day” stuff.

I talk a lot about mindfulness practice with my clients but realize how much I need it on a regular basis. Thought I would share these simple tips with you. Hope they inspire you to BE and BE WITH more. And don’t forget, mindfulness is free and available to you wherever you go. And it might just bust a little resistance.



Do you notice when you are holding your breath? How about now? There are many simple breathing techniques that I use (when I remember) to inspire, focus, energize myself. Quiet meditation (even for 5 minutes) or yoga are perfect ways to focus on your breathing. When your mind wanders, go back to your breath. In out, in out. Make a practice of noticing your quiet breathing as you drive, as you walk, as you cut carrots, when you wake up or go to bed. Powerful stuff that breath of yours. Contact me: to chat about some easy techniques to use.



We walk to get places everyday; we walk to get our exercise quota or to walk our dog; we walk and talk to friends. All good. How about trying a moving meditation all by yourself. Notice that breath, how you feel, the weather, the sounds around you.

“Walking meditation is not a means to an end; it is an end.

Each step is life; each step is peace and joy.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh

Go on-line and you’ll find some lovely sites about walking meditation.



I love good food, and I eat too fast. A mindful eating practice is needed here so I can savor every bite. Have you every tried the raisin meditation? An exercise in stimulating all the senses, sloooooowly. Check it out the raisin meditation.


And finally, my favorite:


animals-hugging-34Hopefully you get hugs. I love hugs and never get enough of them. I know some of us are uncomfortable and would prefer a hand shake or a pat on the arm or back. No worries – but I’d like you to consider the benefits of a hug both physiological and emotional. Check out this article- Seven Reasons Why We Should Be Giving More Hugs.

When you hug someone, don’t let go until you both feel your bodies relaxing. You’ll know if someone feels uncomfortable – but stay with it just a little longer. The act of hugging can align your nervous system so you feel more connected.

For those less into hugging, for now, try this with a simple hand shake. Look into their eyes and hold on comfortably, consciously and firmly for a little more time than usual.

Culture alert: Not all cultures feel comfortable even with the eye contact, firm hand shake so be sensitive to different cultures.

We all do need a hug, tho’. Eight hugs a day prove to be a prefect #!  Go for it.


Any tips from you are much appreciated. What’s your experience with resistance and mindfulness?

Well, I’m off to do a little yoga and to eat a raisin afterwards. Feeling less resistant to jumping into that big project!


  1. Thank you Janet! Now let’s hope and pray!

    • Glad you liked it, Lisa. I’m trying to figure out why you can’t open audio. I’ll get back to you.
      ~ Janet

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