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Message from Raven

Posted by on November 12, 2012 in Aha Moments On Your Path | 0 comments

I invite you to practice mindfulness as you face obstacles on your quest to live your Life Purpose every day.

Can an event or a personal encounter be random – just a coincidence – and have meaning at the same time? The Universe is purpose driven and totally random. Richard Unger, my mentor of many years, stretched our brain with this one. He called it the rule of paradoxes.

An accident, a chance meeting, a bird’s appearance at the window. They can seem like random events. And they are. Or are they? It depends. Following is a recent personal encounter to explain what I mean.

Late last month I was struggling with something, stuck in my fog, frustrated that I could not get out of my own way. Over the course of the few days I was “in my stuff”, a single raven stopped by to perch on a tree near my window and then again on the deck railing on 2 other occasions and lingered there. I love visits from my friends in nature. These visits seemed different somehow, meaningful, since I noticed her (or him) just at the nadir of my frustration.

Was there a message here? Should I declare this was not a coincidence? I dug up my Medicine Card book by Sams and Carson and hopped onto Google to look up the Raven. Raven is:

the shape shifter, the trickster, the master of illusion, the keeper of ancient records, keeper and communicator of deep mysteries, a harbinger of change. What you see may be just an illusion. Raven helps to clarify the truth to allow transformation.

Ah, just what I needed. I have taken Raven’s energy in and am experiencing some lovely transformation and fresh perspective on how my inner voice has been “tricking” me. I decided that the Raven had medicine for my ailing soul and I am grateful.

Now how about practicing meaning mindfulness (I made that up!) as you face your own obstacles? Symbols and messengers abound. Can you be “in your stuff” – angry, stuck, afraid, sad – and mindful of your surroundings at the same time? Can you trust that the moment, this moment, holds possibilities if you are willing to notice?

You can try to rewrite your script and move forward. How? Notice, appreciate, investigate and most of all breathe quietly and deeply into the moment despite the pain you may be feeling. I believe that the Universe is always ready to speak to us. We have to trust that the message is for us. Why not?

So, yes, events and chance meetings can be completely random, just coincidence. What if that accident, that downsizing, that unexpected conversation you had with a stranger in the coffee shop, that new ache in your thumb*, that raven looking in your window, held a message for you and that message could unlock the door to your higher consciousness? You could leave the “old you behind” and find the “new you” you want to embrace. At least you will be more curious and open to your surroundings and to the events that happen every day. Happy Noticing!

* I am engaged in a new Hand Wisdom project. We are studying the metaphysical meaning in hand injuries and other challenges in the hand. Visit the Research blog category for more information and Contact me,, if you want to be part of the research.

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