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Life Threads: Who was I? Who am I now? Who do I want to be?

Posted by on November 19, 2014 in Aha Moments On Your Path, For Entrepreneurs, For Students and Hand Analysts, Stories of Transformation | 0 comments

Ten Life Threads Exercises to get you off the couch and on your path-the one you’ve been dreaming about but didn’t have the tools to make it real.

Now you do.

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Life Threads - the yarn to weave your best life In the world of Hand Analysis, we call this one a tracking exercise-one of several in my client tool box.

This Life Threads  tracking exercise asks you to look at our life in different phases. This is about looking back and looking now and looking forward as you create the threads of your life experience. Find the patterns that will help you adjust and weave the Life you are meant to live.

It was not easy for me to do. My “script” has been that I was clueless for most of my early years – no Mozart or Susan B. Anthony here. I suspect they had figured things out much earlier in life. I decided I needed to bust that “I was clueless” myth and really look at the recurring positive themes in my life. And, I’ll say it again, it was not easy. I was tempted to go negative often.

But I was determined to hold onto what gave me passion; what did I love to do; what was positive in my life; what was I attracted to. And were there any themes there? Powerful indeed. So here’s how you can do this.

Who was I? Who am I now? Who do I want to be?

 STEP I: Using the sheet below.  In Column 1, divide your life experience into 10-15 yr spans. Early life through young teens [4-14]. Then late teens and young adulthood [15-25]. Then adulthood [26-40].  2nd level of adulthood [41-55]. Late adulthood [55-65] and onward depending on your age. You can divide it up anyway you want, possibly using significant life changes. So your spans may be a little different than mine.

STEP II: On a separate sheet of paper, jot down significant memories for each span of time asking yourself:

What was positive in my life?

What was I attracted to?

What was I always excited to do/passionate about?

Note: Add it even if you were “barred” from doing it at home or life got in the way and you couldn’t do it as much as you liked. Avoid going negative.

STEP III: Now look for key words from each time span and put them in column 2.

Are you beginning to see any recurring themes here or patterns that are heading you in a specific positive direction? A direction where you can say – that is me or I was becoming more of me or I am becoming more of me.

STEP IV: In column 3, jot down a theme for each time span. This was fun for me. Chronologically I had things like: Nature and Escape (this was not always positive, but I recognize this as a recurrent theme that IS positive now for me); Education/Exploration/Experimentation/Food; New Cultures/Cities/Food and Political Advocate; Mentor/Teacher/Leader and Food/Nature; Reclaiming Self while Seeking a Focus for my Passion and Mentor/Teacher/Leader and Food/Nature and Escape and Political Advocate. See any of my recurring themes throughout the years?

STEP V: What do you do with all of this? I hope that the exercise alone has opened your eyes and you can see that your life has a grand pattern woven from the threads of your experience. Next steps:

  1. Continue to refine and define yourself. I revisited this several times before I felt that I had something to work with and on.
  2. Work with me or a life coach to move forward using what you have discovered.
  3. If you choose me as a guide, we will apply the results to your Soul Map – How have the themes matched your Life Purpose? How have they matched what we call the exalted form of your Life Lesson? [In my case, my exalted Life Lesson is the mentor/teacher/advocate part.]

Create an Exercise Sheet like this for:  Who was I? Who am I now? Who do I want to be?

LifeThreads sheet

How do these experiences relate to my Life Purpose and the Exalted (positive version) of my Life Lesson? (may need help with this part)

Contact me if you would like help with this Life Threads exercise.

Add Life Threads: 10 Exercises that will change your life to your library – for you, for your loved ones and for your clients. There are exercises you can do on your own or in a group.  And some that you will need a little help with like the one described above.

May you thrive,

~ Janet



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