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Life Schools – School of Service

Posted by on November 2, 2012 in Archetypes - Soul Psychology in the Fingerprints, For Students and Hand Analysts | 0 comments


Learn from the lessons of the School of Service


Need 4 Whorls to qualify for the School of Service

four fingerprint namesFingerprints, indelibly imprinted 5 months before you were born, are energy signatures. I like to call them your Cosmic Signature or your Soul Contract. These unique patterns outline your soul path. We’re talking Contracts here…there are no guarantees that this higher consciousness will be expressed clearly in this lifetime unless the contract is honored. And, of course, this path is fraught with many tests and distractions…it takes commitment and belief in yourself at a the deepest level.

Fulfilling your Soul Contract – written in your fingerprints – frees you to identify, track and live your life authentically with joy and purpose. Your unique Soul Contract includes your LIFE SCHOOL – the stage you have set to learn specific lessons.  Your School is your training ground, the umbrella of your soul consciousness.

There are 4 Schools here at Earth University – Service, Love, Wisdom and Peace.  We’ll be exploring the School of Service in this entry.

Service is about Freedom: You’re here to learn to say No! with grace and ease so that you can say Yes! to your special focus of Service. You are here to learn the difference between a life of burdensome obligation/servitude vs. the ability to say no enough and to ask for help enough so that you are free to make a difference in your unique calling. To recognize when you feel burned out, resentful and taken for granted.  To know when you are in Service backlash – imploded and shut down or excessively self-indulgent.  To notice when you are overly controlling or enabling.

The Three Legged Stool:  
Service is about assuring that self care (one leg) and other care (second leg) is in balance. This is about Service to the greater environment (third leg) with a fine tuned sensitivity to the impact of your actions and the actions of others. Are your legs of equal length? Or are you giving yourself away too much or being too selfish/self-indulgent or ignoring the impact of your actions on the environment – family, work, the earth?

What school are you in? What skill set is required of your Soul Journey so that your Life Purpose can take flight? To find out more, contact me, order a LifePrints Report or go for the whole Soul Mapping experience.