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Life Schools – School of Peace

Posted by on November 4, 2012 in Archetypes - Soul Psychology in the Fingerprints, For Students and Hand Analysts | 0 comments


Experience to pendulum swings of Peace and learn to Be, Breathe and Thrive


Need at least 2 Arches Fingerprints to qualify

four fingerprint names

Fingerprints, indelibly imprinted 5 months before you were born, are energy signatures. I like to call them your Cosmic Signature or your Soul Contract. These unique patterns outline your soul path. We’re talking Contracts here…there are no guarantees that this higher consciousness will be expressed clearly in this lifetime unless the contract is honored. And, of course, this path is fraught with many tests and distractions…it takes commitment and belief in yourself at a the deepest level.


Fulfilling your Soul Contract – written in your fingerprints – frees you to identify, track and live your life authentically with joy and purpose. Your unique Soul Contract includes your LIFE SCHOOL – the stage you have set to learn specific lessons.  Your School is your training ground, the umbrella of your soul consciousness.

There are 4 Schools here at Earth University – Service, Love, Wisdom and Peace.  We’ll be exploring the School of Peace in this entry.

In the School of Peace you are learning about the difference between struggle and ease, panic and peace – that’s the bottom line. You are learning to face your fears, to get to the source of your anxiety and worry, to be accurately tuned into your gut to learn the real signals – the old flight or fight deal. Lea


rning how to stand fully in the present in still alertness.  Sometimes just taking a deep easy breath or two will help you stay around long enough to see if there really IS going to be a fight.

Strength PeaceI liken the attributes of someone in balance with the School of Peace to the Strength card in the Tarot deck. It’s all about courage to face your fears – to tame the beast within.

Here are some signs that you are in the School of Peace

Out of your Body? Too many injuries, sick too often, accident prone, working too hard, playing too hard?

Out of Sync with the practical doings of life? No time, always late, crisis with finances?
Those around you may be experiencing this. If it is in your life it is in your hands.

Tips to connect to your body, the first requirement to master the School of Peace:

If you are injury prone or always running out of time, this is a classic out of body reality. A disconnection with your body from being too busy, too in your head.

  1. Next time you are cutting vegetables in the kitchen, notice the knife and its relationship to the vegetable, your hand holding it, the board that stops the motion. This is mindfulness. Can you just be there, noticing and savoring the connections?
  2. 2. Walk around in a wide circle in your living room or outside and after each completion, slow your pace until you are barely moving. It gets harder doesn’t it? Where are you feeling unbalanced, unsure? Keep doing this and you will find ways to rebalance how you move through the world. Of course, an appointment with a yoga teacher, massage therapist, chiropractor, energy healer does not hurt!
  3. 3. Time is on your side – yes it is. Are you always out of time, late? Too much to do too little time. This is a myth – you have all the time and space that you need. You get to choose your relationship to time. On your calendar for 3 days in a row, write in 15 minute spaces between your chores, work duties next appointment. Claim them as you would an appointment entry. Savor them as if they are a gift of abundance.

What school are you in? What skill set is required of your Soul Journey so that your Life Purpose can take flight? To find out more, contact me, order a LifePrints Report or go for the whole Soul Mapping experience.