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Life Schools – School of Love

Posted by on November 1, 2012 in Archetypes - Soul Psychology in the Fingerprints | 0 comments


Learn from the lessons of the School of Love

Need 8 Loop Fingerprints to qualify

Fingerprints, indelibly imprinted 5 months before you were born, are energy signatures. I like to call them your Cosmic Signature or your Soul Contrfour fingerprint namesact. These unique patterns outline your soul path. We’re talking Contracts here…there are no guarantees that this higher consciousness will be expressed clearly in this lifetime unless the contract is honored. And, of course, this path is fraught with many tests and distractions…it takes commitment and belief in yourself at a the deepest level.

Fulfilling your Soul Contract – written in your fingerprints – frees you to identify, track and live your life authentically with joy and purpose. Your unique Soul Contract includes your LIFE SCHOOL – the stage you have set to learn specific lessons.  Your School is your training ground, the umbrella of your soul consciousness.

There are 4 Schools here at Earth University – Service, Love, Wisdom and Peace.  We’ll be exploring the School of Love in this entry.

I am frequently asked to do a presentation called “You Are The One You Are Looking For” – all about finding healthy relationships and repairing holes in existing ones. Relationship questions are at the top of the list for most of my clients – women and men! Not surprising when you think about it…we are social, procreative and at times lusty creatures. More importantly though many of us look for filling the holes within ourselves with another. “If I could just find the love of my life, everything will be O.K.” I think not. Experience tells us that this is not the route to emotional fulfillment.

School of Love:

The School of Love is the path to TrustThe three levels of Trust: Trust Self-Know how you feel and what you want; trust another with your heart’s desires; trust that the Universe has your back. It is about authentic emotional connection. This is about learning the art of appropriate surrender and appropriate control in relationships. It is the journey of the heart to know what you want/desire/need while being empathetic to others; to express your feelings with the right intensity in the moment vs. stuffing them so that you feel you will explode unless you go numb or spewing them like a fire hose out of control. And finally the challenge is to master the release of old emotions so that you can make room for healthy, supportive relationships.

Hold onto your heart! The path of the emotional master is to experience heart challenges so that you become so internally heart strong (not heart hardened) you become a model of self love, trust and compassion.

red heart

“Someday, after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity,
we shall harness the energy of love, and for the second time
in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”

~ Teilhard de Chardin

What school are you in? What skill set is required of your Soul Journey so that your Life Purpose can take flight? To find out more, contact me, order a LifePrints Report or go for the whole Soul Mapping experience.