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Life Lesson: 5 signs it’s time to Hang Upside Down

Posted by on December 17, 2012 in Archetypes - Soul Psychology in the Fingerprints | 2 comments

Hanged ManWhen I drew the Hanged Man for the first time, my gut tightened and I said, “ this can’t be good”. Doesn’t seem like a positive place to be – hanging. Doesn’t look like fun, especially if I get stuck there for too long. Have you ever tried hanging upside down for more than a few seconds?

Now I know what a powerful message this upside down man has for me. In order for you to Live Right Side Up, you have to hang upside down first. And how you get their can be arduous but worth it. In the world of hand analysis, we call this making an ally of your shadow or Life Lesson.

Here are 5 signs that it might be time to hang upside down – to ready yourself for a new day, a new perspective and a new attitude. Do you:

1. Feel Out of your Body? Too many injuries or accidents, sick too often, no time, always late, exhausted? Feel like you’re behind all the time?

2. Feel Out of your Heart? Shut down or emotions out of control, broken hearted, relationship challenges?

3. Feel Out of your Mind? Indecisive, in doubt, confused, overwhelmed, overly critical of self or others?

4. Keep facing the same external road blocks and can’t seem to negotiate around them?

5. Wonder why you haven’t found work that gives you meaning and money? Have money challenges?


Or, are their people close to your in your life who are experiencing some of these things and your life has been impacted? If it is in your life it is in your hands. If it is in your hands it is in your life. Your hands hold the key to Living Right Side Up! To navigate those bumps in the road so that you can claim your right life – live your Life Purpose – imprinted in your fingerprints 5 months before you were born!

Now comes the upside down part. We all experience some version of these 5 signs one time or another in our lives. It’s part of being human. If one seems to follow you where ever you go, I will bet that you are living smack dab in the middle of your Life Lessonalso imprinted in your fingerprints 5 months before you were born. The Life Lesson is your least evolved skill, the Ick!! Factor, the shadow, what seems to get in your way. You attract circumstances and people in your life in order to test your willingness to face the Music – to face the Hanged Man. He’s asking you to risk a little discomfort so that you can gain greater clarity and change your perspective.

So….Hang Upside Down for Awhile

Notice the patterns from a new perspective.

If you can begin to recognize the road blocks and see how they operate in your life, you can begin to create a new relationship to them. Think about the image of the Hanged Man as someone who sees the world from a different perspective. It may seem an uncomfortable position to be in. Note the nimbus – halo – around his head, and he does not appear to be suffering. This can’t be all bad! He has surrendered, succumbed to “hanging”, to hang in limbo until he receives wisdom and experiences an

What IF …….

What if you treated your Life Lesson as your ally, the key to getting where you want to go? What if you stayed with the discomfort long enough versus trying to sweep it under the rug, running away from it? What if you tried to look at these challenges upside down? The perspective gained might just offer you the tools to right your self.

My Life Lesson is about self worth, guilt and am I enough. This could be paralyzing. It has been during some parts of my life. When I treat it as if it were a positive factor in my life – a lesson to learn, then I can measure my worth by becoming a master of something, a standard bearer full of integrity, a teacher and a mentor. In Hand Analysis, this is the direct opposite of this Life Lesson. And sure enough, I have felt a great sense of worth when I can encourage someone to claim his or her worth and move through feelings of inadequacy. I have been some kind of mentor a good part of my adult life.

Here is a peek at a few more Up Side Down so you can live Right Side Up Life Lessons:

Power Life Lesson

What is you Life Lesson? If you have worked with me already on your Soul Journey, try hanging upside down to gain a new perspective, to make an ally of this shadow of yours. Need a little help? Contact me at

I encourage you to read more about the symbolism of the Hanged Man. Start with Wikipedia. There are plenty of other sites that expand the rich mystery of this fellow. Enjoy the exploration.

And you might not know that there are lots of FREE resources available to you – all about the power and magic of your hands.  Start Here. Become a member of the HandTales community to help you discover, claim and live your authentic story.  Lots of great resource for our members including 3 discovery recordings to jump start your journey.  Happy travels………



  1. Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article!
    It’s the little changes which will make the most important changes. Many thanks for sharing!

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