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I’ve Been Thinking • How about You? Head Lines……

Posted by on May 24, 2015 in Archetypes - Personality Psychology in the palms, Gift Markers | 0 comments

I’ve been thinking. My brain has been working overtime as I formulate our new Success Training Programs – Fire Up Your Inner Entrepreneur.  And, frankly, my head is spinning. It’s spinning because I haven’t honored my 2 head line types (actually 3 – Octopus, Persephone, Simian!). I caught myself early in this process. It got me thinking about the differences in how we take in, process and put out information. I haven’t shared much about the head lines in your hands so here goes.

Do you take in and process information more intuitively? “I’m a gut thinker. I just have a feeling about this! I got the answer without researching and analyzing”, OR Is your brain laser logical? “I can easily process complex information. I love to solve puzzles. I’m good at analyzing things.”

Here’s a map of the hand – note the blue line indicating the head line – one type of head line. There are many things we could explore about your thinkingMap of the hand including the head line apparatus:

Types of Head Lines and Stuff that shows up on them

  • Intuitive, gut-based
  • Logical, rational
  • The super cable brain where the head line and heart line merge into one – often called the Simian line
  • The Sydney line
  • Glitches – bubbled, broken, frayed
  • The Solutions Brain
  • The Ruthless Mind
  • And much more …….

Let’s focus. That’s what clean, clear thinking is all about. I’m going to talk to you about 2 brain types – The Persephone Head Line and the Octopus Head Line. If your Intuitive head line or Logical headline is long enough, it is gifts marker.

Persephone – one of the Goddesses of Greek Mythology, daughter of Demeter and Zeus.

[Do a search on your own to learn more about why we have named this head line after her.]
You have a Persephone head line if it starts under the index finger and curves down as it crosses the palm. If it is long – reaching into the mid or lower zone – into what we call the Moon, then it is your gift of deep intuition to bring to the world.

Here are 2 examples of a Persephone Head Line:Examples of an intuitive head line-Persephone They start under the index finger and swoop way into the Moon. Note one is a double Persephone – with a wound.  Yes, from gardening, but nonetheless, a message that I (yes, this is my hand) might be in a penalty phase of my gift.

This is the gift of specialty thinking – tending to feel thoughts in the body as well as in the head. A kind of intelligence that exudes intuition, sees things in a holistic ways, has a gut instinct. Interest in the deeper meaning of the human condition, in creative expression, in assisting others who may be in crisis of meaning – think artist, spiritual teacher, life coach, poet, yogi, mystic.  As long as they can plumb the depths of what it means to be human – from joy to pain and return to help others who are disconnected from their core truth, then they can avoid their own crisis of meaning and bring this gift to the world.

If they get stuck in the muck, are practicing “meaningless commerce” – that is doing work that does not feed their soul, then they may well be in the penalty of the Persephone Head Line – Disenchanted, disconnected from core self, isolated, depressed, feeling lost, stuck in that place of sadness unable to come back from their “hell”. Oh, and feeling stuck in the mud with “Do Do Birds”! They may not trust themselves to find the answers “down there” and lose confidence in their intuition/their creative core/their gut instincts.  TRUST is a big word for Persephone types. Can I dive into the depth and trust I can return with new insight vs. drown and never return?

How about the Octopus Brain – or super computer brain?  Have one? Check these examples out:Octopus brain-complex, rational thinking-head line

The Octopus Brain – or as we call it sometimes, the Hal 9000 brain from the movie 2001, a Space Odyssey. Hal was a very sophisticated computer. If you have one and it is well nourished this brain wants to consume that which is important, brain-stretching, complex and interesting. Keenly analytical and logical and rational, you have a knack for abstraction/for sharp observation. Great for engineers, numbers folks, problem solvers who gather all the facts and come to a laser clear conclusion. Legacy leaving, systems brain is what you possess. Use it or lose it. 

Like the Octopus, with 8 legs, you can multitask and love learning and taking in info. But what if you lack a mouth, lack mental stimulation, lack a focus for all the super-processing?  Alas! You may experience the penalty. No focus? Doubt. No focus? Analysis Paralysis. No focus? Complicated, Tangled Webs especially in relationships. You can’t over think your way out of faulty communications. And, finally, lack of focus and stimulation? These brains can get BORED and create problems just to solve them – many times the wrong problems.

Hope you had some fun playing with these ups and downs of the gifted head lines. So much more to explore when it comes to head lines. Another day ….. Contact me,, if you would like to spend some time feeding your special way of thinking.

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