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Inspired by great writers? Wanna be one?

Posted by on March 31, 2016 in For Entrepreneurs, For Students and Hand Analysts, Secrets of Effective Communication | 0 comments

I’m proud to introduce you to, Jena and Madeleine, two of my favorite clients and inspired Writers.

They write; they stretch you; they teach you how to be a better writer.

I’m in the middle of a great book – The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields. Her writing captivates mIMG_6172writer8x10_500xe. I realize it doesn’t really matter what the book is about, it’s the writing that keeps me turning the pages. Writers are courageous and inventive and mysterious!

How? I have favorite bloggers, favorite authors, favorite poets, favorite story tellers, even favorite Face Book posters. It’s all in the turn of a phrase; the way he or she sees the world in a new way or captures the truth of the human condition.

They inspire me to be better at the craft myself.

Do you want to be one of those writers?

Check out the websites, blogs and Facebook pages of 2 of my clients – both brilliant writers of poetry and prose and true teachers. They have taught me much and hope they will capture your “Wanna Be a Better Writer” attention:  Jena Schwartz and Madeleine Eno.




First Jena and her Inky Path Partner, Cigdem

Hi there and welcome! We’re Jena Schwartz (my client) and Cigdem Kobu. The Inky Path is a stimulating, cozy, supportive place where you can develop and maintain the writing practice you’ve always wanted and connect with other writers and kindred spirits who are as in love with writing as you are!

Inky Path

Inky Path on Facebook



And now Madeleine:

In the Write Place – Get Your Brilliant Vision Out of Your Head and Into the World – Madeleine Eno.  She has worn many hats and has gathered years of material for her stories and expertise as a writer. A true talent.

In the Write Place

In the Write Place on Facebook


May you become the writer you always wanted to be,

~ Janet, A wanna be writer!


Please share contacts of other fabulous writer/teachers in the comment section. Want to spread the word!

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