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I was wrong • I’m Sorry …..

Posted by on September 18, 2014 in Find Success and Happiness, For Students and Hand Analysts, Relationships, Secrets of Effective Communication | 0 comments

It just hit me.  Sometimes it’s the simplest things …..
I was reading the latest Louise Penny mystery novel A Long Way Home.  [I get so excited when another Inspector Armand Gamache story rests on my night table.]  I was reminded of the 4 phrases he expects to hear from his new recruits to the Quebec Surete Crime Unit. It hit me that being able to say these things is so simple and so powerful and so hard in any relationship. Gamache tells his newest recruits – if you can say these things with ease and comfort, you will succeed with your team, with me as your boss and as a human being. Start with I’m Sorry.
I was wrong, I'm sorry, I don't know, I need help

When I talk to colleagues and clients about issues with vulnerability and trust and surrender – a very common theme here on earth – I realize that these 4 phrases capture so much of the truth.  And how hard is it to say-I’m Sorry; I Was Wrong; I Don’t Know; I Need Help?  Try it out next time you have an opportunity.  One is going to be a sticking point more than another. There are times that I trip up on all of them; I think the big one for me tho’ is “I need help”.  What about you? Would love to hear your thoughts. And report any juicy stories you have.

COMMENTS PLEASE.  I need help :-}

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