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I See You! Do You? Stand Out this Year and onward

Posted by on November 11, 2012 in For Entrepreneurs | 0 comments

I just received a business card from the “Healthy Hippie”. The front says “Your are Amazing. Pass it on”. I love it. And it got me thinking about what makes me stop in my tracks, makes me smile, makes me say “ah ha”!

My job is to help you identify what makes you the focus of that Ah Ha moment. To offer you the map for your quest to find meaning, passionate work, creative focus. To celebrate just what kind of contribution you are here to make. It is all in your hands!! I have two kinds of clients – those who have no clue about what they want and what they need to capture these things and those who have too many ideas and can not seem to clarify which path will bring the most satisfying return.

I see you! Do you? How about pledging to step up into your spotlight starting this month? I have 5 tips to help you along the way. AND I have featured 7 people or organizations. They are either my clients, organizations I support or just those I have met like the Healthy Hippie who inspired me to write this. I am now their FAN.

Tips to help you to stand out and be listed on lot’s of folks WOW, take note lists.

  • Set a 2 week time period (start today!) and notice what or who stands out to you. Something that makes you stop in your tracks or say I wish I had thought of that or WOW!
  • Keep a list of your favorites. At the end of the 2 weeks, ask your self if there is a theme here? A pattern? How might these things/people be a mirror of your values? Your special way of seeing the world?
  • Now add yourself to the list. How do you stand out? What would make people say, WOW. Need some help? Gather a trusted friend or two to celebrate you and to support you as you step up into your special spotlight.
  • If you are feeling less bright, unique and clear, then declare what you are willing to do to stand out this year everyday. Yes, you will have to step out of your comfort zone and face your gremlins. They love the spotlight too! Write down your commitment to yourself.
  • If you are feeling less bright, unique and clear, then give me a call. I am happy to help you see what I see in you!  Contact me: and I’ll share what I see to help you sparkle.


Now for My “Stop in My Tracks” Favorites for in this past year:

  • Business card that says “Your Are Amazing (pass it on)” on the front from the Healthy Hippy. Don’t know why…just loved the idea and felt good when I received it. Love the work they do too! Try connecting on Face Book and check out their blog.
  • Walking consultation with Allison Bliss… My favorite communications and marketing guru, Allison Bliss, always comes up with amazing ideas.  To keep the creative juices going why not keep your body moving while you walk with her or adopt her idea for your business?
  • Mile of smiles -Hospital staff near Lebanon New Hampshire decided to measure how many smile it would take to span a mile. Then they created the challenge to go out and offer a smile to a stranger and to set a goal for the number of smiles they wanted to give and the number they wanted to receive. Talk about changing attitudes and hearts. Great way to do team building and/or raise money/awareness.
  • Vermont – I am so grateful I live in VT. One reason is the commitment to sustainable agriculture and access to good food. Two of my favorites (and there are so many to choose from) are the Farm to School Program started small and is expanding all over VT and Pete’s Greens which has an incredible Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).  It’s amazing what you can get even in the winter.
  • My creative collaboration with Ronelle Coburn. We have many Wow moments. I am continually amazed at her deep wisdom and creative eye. When one of us is in the creative zone, the other becomes the editor and cheerleader. The team effect is powerful.
  • The Intelligent Optimist is always on my list.  Check out their blog and magazine.  I am continually inspired by what individuals and organizations and socially responsible companies are doing around the world.
  • Mary Oliver‘s latest book of poems, Swan. Deep truth on every page with the sweetness and pain of being a human.
  • Ohhh there are soooooo…many more!


Enjoy the Journey! Stand Out!