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How Many Vermonters Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

Posted by on January 21, 2013 in Aha Moments On Your Path | 1 comment

Hand Holding a Light Bulb As a proud Vermonter I love the answer and have, as usual, read deeper meaning into it.  The answer is four.  One to change it and 3 to sit around and talk about how good the old one was. I trust you’ll get why I chose this version of the familiar joke as you read on.

Sharpen your “resistance to change” radar and find the best tools and resources when you know it’s the right time to take a leap forward.  This is the topic for my early Summer musings.   Let’s change some light bulbs or NOT!

  • When is resistance to change a good thing?
  • How do you know when your resistance is holding you back?  Four exercises to help you bust some negative resistance.  (At the bottom of this blog musing.)
  • 5 Ways to make Peace with your Resistance (request my 20 minute bonus audio)

It’s a no-brainer that when a light bulb burns out, you change it.  Otherwise you’ll find yourself in the dark.  So what’s the deal about the 3 Vermonters sitting around talking about how good the old one was?  Is there a message here?

When is resistance to change a good thing?

The old one trumps the new!

Hoses, the old and the newMany of us Vermonters pride ourselves in valuing what is tried and true. If it ain’t broke…. .  We are practical and conserving.  We savor the wisdom of our ancestors and many of the practices that have gone before. My Dad used to pick up every bolt, screw and piece of wire he found.  He’d say “your never know when this is going to come in handy”.  He even maintained his 24 year old tractor with objects he found at the dump.  The other day, our new- fangled plastic hose nozzle broke and my Sister found an old one – the metal type – in the garage.  Darned if it didn’t work better than that new one and it’s going to last.

Resistance to change can be healthy.  Holding back on buying that newfangled tech tool or taking the latest self help workshop may give you the perspective you need (and save you money!).  Maybe if you take stock of what you already have and what you already know, you can get back to your personal power center.  If you trust that you are on track, you might just see that you are exactly where you need to be.  Knowing when to resist is healthy is the trick.


How do you know when your resistance is holding you back?

We may be practical, but Vermonters are also on the cutting edge of many things.  We are models of innovation and risk taking in areas of sustainable food systems, health care reform, equitable funding for our schools, environmental initiatives to conserve and create new sources of energy … and the list goes on.  We can do change and lead the nation towards a better future.  I’m not proud am I?

Why then is resistance to stepping up and doing what it takes so common when changing things is required or desired?  You want to contribute, to be remembered for something and to give back, right?  It takes serious courage to overcome personal roadblocks, to take initiative and to maintain the momentum that is required to “change your light bulb” for a brighter future. And it’s damn scary to enter the “discomfort zone” of new horizons.

I am in the middle of taking my business – HandTales – Life Purpose Hand Analysis – to the next level.  AND I HAVE BEEN DRAGGING MY FEET BIG TIME.  It’s too cold to concentrate – I’ll get in bed and read a book.  Don’t have the money to hire the social marketing person.  The content isn’t perfect.  I don’t want to find new speaking venues; there just aren’t many out there.

Just when change is on the horizon, have you ever dug your heels in, gone numb, gotten distracted by things other than the one thing you need to do to get where you need to go?  Why does this happen? Why is it happening to me right now?  As your hand analyst, I’ll bet the answer has a lot to do with your soul block or Life Lesson in action.  Your Life Lesson – your biggest obstacle –  is revealed in your fingerprints.  Your Life Purpose – the focal point for the contribution you are meant to make is also in your fingerprint story.  Make peace with your resistance and you turn your Life Lesson into your ally.  And now your Life Purpose can unfold exactly the way you want it

Here are some good tools I came up with for myself.  Maybe they can start you on your way.


  4 Exercises to help with your resistance and a Free audio.

Take out a piece of paper and a pen.  Follow my instructions for each part of the exercise.  And then request your bonus audio to add to your tool box for changing your light bulb.

  1. I want to…:  “I really want to change this/want to have …..” : Fill in the blank ________________________

If you’re struggling with your “I Wants”, try this: In one sitting list 100 I wants.  (Hint: By the time you get to the last 20 or so, you’re getting somewhere.)

  1. Yes Buts!: Pick 2 or 3 on this list that really jump out for you.  Now write, “I want __whatever it is___, but _________”.  What kind of resistance comes up for you?  I am too busy, not enough money, no support, blah blah.)  Is the resistance familiar?  Do you see pattern?  Write your thoughts down.
  1. What if this doesn’t happen:  Imagine now that you are foiled.  You failed to make the change (s) you want.  What will this feel like?  What will happen?  Write it down.
  1. What if:  Forget the “it won’t happen” and imagine that it already has.  Write about what that feels like.  See yourself there already.  And tuck that away to revisit every time you feel discouraged.  Or keep it right in front you to read everyday.

Prepare to embrace the change you want. Otherwise you’ll find yourself in the dark.  I hope these exercises have created some light  for you. Don’t delay;  change that light bulb.

Want your Bonus Audio to download?  This has received lots of praise from my students and clients.  The 5 Ways to Make Peace with Your Resistance (a.k.a. What’s Getting in the Way?) has helped many to take those scary steps into a better future.  And I want you to have it for FREESign up to be a member of the HandTales community today and you receive this Audio – PLUS 2 additional audios to help you on your journey. GO HERE; it’s so simple.

May you thrive with passion and purpose!

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  1. Hi, just wanted to say i liked this article. it was practical. keep on posting.

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