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“How are you doing with your Life Purpose?”, he asked.

Posted by on August 20, 2014 in Archetypes - Soul Psychology in the Fingerprints, Find Success and Happiness, Stories of Transformation | 0 comments

“How are you doing with your Life Purpose, Janet?” I responded, “”But that’s not the point, Richard”.

At the time I was just learning about this Life Purpose stuff and how central it had to be in my life. Richard Unger, the founder and director of the International Institute of Hand Analysis, where I studied, was my mentor in those early days.

I was asking him why my husband doesn’t respond to my needs. I said something along the lines of “I want to be adored and respected”. He just kept repeating, “How are you doing with your Life Purpose?” Drat! I wasn’t getting it. Now I do big time.

purposeoflifeOnce I gave myself permission to claim and to learn how to live my Life Purpose. Once I made the commitment to face what’s getting in the way and figure out how to dance with that life-scale challenge of mine – my Life Lesson, my life became clear and magical. I get to choose my path everyday. Nope, I’m not living on “easy street”. I just know the more I live in my purpose, being truly ME, I wake up everyday and feel grateful and blessed. I have the tools to work on the challenges that face me – and the support of an incredible community of hand analysts.

So what is your Life Purpose? Mine is to be the Diva of Words or the Big Shot Communicator in the Spotlight or The Effective Leader with a Unique Message. These all mean the same thing. The language of Life Purpose Hand Analysis, which is my specialty, is rich so I thought I’d share some different ways to say it.

Now back to you – enough of the Diva!

There are 14 basic Life Purposes (mine includes a combo of 4!) and 14 Life Lessons.

Do you know your Life Purpose [and your Life Lesson]? I encourage you, like I did, to discover it, claim it and learn to live it everyday. You will wake up to the life you came here to live, I guarantee it. I invite you to work with me one on one or study with us and immerse yourself in this powerful, spot on, direct route to your most meaningful life. Embrace the transformational power of your hands. And help others do the same.

Your Life Purpose is unique to you and is:

o      With you always, indelibly printed in your fingerprints before you were born

o      Your Soul Purpose, your Soul Consciousness to be expressed in all arenas of you life

o      Your highest calling, your right life, your most meaningful life

o      Where your heart opens in that moment and you know you are in the right place, at the right time


Finding your Life PurposeBy committing to this Soul Journey, those sticking points in your life – relationship roadblocks, $$ challenges, career doldrums, creative blocks, and general communication breakdown will begin to melt away. And when they pop up again, which they will, you have the map to navigate your way back to  your Life Purpose. That map is in your hands.

Here’s a peek at your Soul Agenda imprinted in your fingerprints…the combinations are unique to you. The possibilities are endless in that you may have one or more life lesson and life purpose and life school. The variations are many. Your own combination will be different than the Soul imprint of others.


Which life School have you signed up for? [I haven’t mentioned this part of your Soul Path in this newsletter-it’s the stage you set for the dance of your Life Purpose and your Life Lesson]

School of Peace or Panic
School of Wisdom through Action or Waiting
School of Love and Closeness or Misunderstanding
School of Service or Servitude


And which of the 14 basic Life Purposes are you here to manifest?

Master of Results/SuccessFamily/CommunityLeadership/Influence

Life of Passion/Advocacy

Business/Setting Things Right



Innovator/MaverickMessenger/Mass CommunicatorHealer/Inspirational Communicator

Master of Peace & Balance

Master of Wisdom & Advising

Master of Love & Feelings

Master of Service Sharing

And which of the 14 basic Life Lessons are you working on?

Failure and Frustration IssuesDysfunctional Family, Body IssuesPowerless, Overwhelmed, and Trapped

Victimization, Numbness, and Boundary Issues

Money, Responsibility, and Commitment Issues

Self-Esteem and Unworthiness Issues

Rejection Fear and Blocked Creativity

Conforming, Selling Out,Hiding Out IssuesTrouble Speaking Up and

Getting Heard

Relationship, Trust, and

Vulnerability Issues

Life Out of Balance

Taking the Wrong Risks or no Risks

Emotional In-authenticity

Sacrifice for Everyone


May you thrive.  Thanks for taking this journey with me.

~ Janet

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