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Hell Yes and I Don’t Wanna – the Layers of You!

Posted by on May 7, 2016 in Find Success and Happiness, For Entrepreneurs, For Students and Hand Analysts | 0 comments

Hell Yes!
Love It!
Have to Be Inspired!
Don’t Wanna!!

I’ve been having a lot of fun today – probably because I’m avoiding getting ready to move to a new place SOON! The beauty of productive procrastination!

Thought you might like to try this out for yourself. This fun exercise put things in perspective for me and will be my visual reminder of the “LAYERS OF JANET”.  It’s the Hell Yes to I Don’t Wanna spectrum.

I got thinking about the things I jump at any time – The HELL YESES! vs the things I resist I DON”T WANNA! but when I do them, I am truly rewarded. And there are 2 more layers I added that seemed to paint a clearer and richer picture for me.

The reason I put this down on paper is to confirm my values and my passions and, of course, to make a pretty chart! What was most helpful was to realize that those things I resist the most sometimes are the most satisfying after I do them. And those things that I’ll do anytime may be fun and energizing or they may be a pleasant distraction from the stuff I need to do. You know, the old avoidance tactic.

Here’s my chart….I wrote down more on a separate piece of paper expanding on why I chose each thing and why it’s in one of the four layers.

Hell Yes and I Don't Wanna

Now it’s your turn! Have fun and PLEASE report in/comment on the post itself about how this helped you. OR improve it for me.

Your Hell Yes

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