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Gifts • The Simian Crease

Posted by on October 8, 2016 in Archetypes - Personality Psychology in the palms, Famous Hands, For Students and Hand Analysts, Gift Markers | 33 comments

What do Hillary Clinton, Robert de Niro, Lauryn Hill, Tony Blair and Michael Moore have in common? They all have a gift marker called the Simian Crease.

Last month we started our Gift Markings series. Why do we have gift markings? How many are there? How do we use them? In thisGifts in the Hands - Simian, Octopus and Persephone Brains first post, I gave you the links to the Gifted Healer and 2 of the 3 Head Line Gifts – The Octopus Brain and the Persephone Brain. GO HERE if you missed it.

This month I’ll be rounding out the Head Line gifts with the Single Palmar Crease a.k.a. the Simian Crease. Have you ever heard of it? Maybe related to Down’s Syndrome or you’ve seen it in Apes at the Zoo (hence the name Simian)? Maybe you have one?

How can a Simian Crease be a gift marking if it’s seen commonly in apes and Down Syndrome children. Yes! It has been associated with a variety of psychological and physical issues. Wow! If you have one, please don’t flee from your computer. The good news is that the vast majority of folks who have this Single Palmar Crease on one or both hands, are functioning just fine….and have the capacity for great things.

And who’s to say that Down’s Syndrome children who have this aren’t specially gifted in connecting us to another way of seeing and communicating!?

SIMIAN CREASE (single palmar crease): Mastery vs. Misunderstandings



Simian Crease- Full

Usually we have a Head Line that starts under the index finger and a Heart Line that starts under the pinkie above the Head Line – two separate lines. In a Single Palmar Crease they are combined into one line like the hand to the left.


Or there may be a line that goes right across the hand but you can still see pieces of a heart lineSimian Crease-vestige of Heart Line or head line – see the example on the left and notice the pieces of a line above it. This still qualifies as a Gift marking.





Thinking (head line) and Feeling (heart line) all rolled up into one super cable. You have the loads of mental and emotional energy and the stamina that goes with it. You deal in extremes – extreme highs and extreme lows. You might become a master of one thing and then jump to another totally unrelated. For example, Tony Blair who aspired to be a Rock Music star and then became Prime Minister of England. Or equally, you may spend your entire life on one level of Mastery like Hillary Clinton who has devoted her intense focus in public service as a political figure. Either way, you are likely to do everything in an extreme, intense way.

You have virtuoso potential. Put all the “intense creative genius” to work for you doing what you love to do and watch out world. You have a powerful gift.

Despite what others’ might have experienced in you, you are intensely thoughtful, care very much and prefer to avoid conflict.



In my first post on Gift Markings, a gift marking shows up in your hand most likely because you are reluctant to use it. So the shadow possibilities – we call them the penalties – will inevitably pop up to bite you in the hand.

First and foremost for the owner of the Single Palmar Crease, if you avoid your gift, you get to face MISUNDERSTANDINGS – in a perpetual struggle to understand and be understood. (and you don’t like conflict – what a delicious dilemma you face!)

You’re hard-wired a bit differently than us folks who have a separate heart and headline. You have a “different language”. All your feeling is filtered through your thinking and visa versa. I have a colleague who has two Simians. She said all these self-help books about identifying your feelings or getting out of your emotional realm and into the more objective world never made sense to her. She has difficulty separating the two realms.

How Communication Breakdown can show up in your life:

  • Others just can’t keep up with your intensity – be patient and step off your bullet train. Try to just smell their roses. Balancing your intensity is key here.
  • You are either off or on – intense focus when someone needs you; intense non-focus when someone needs you. Create a buffer zone as you transition from one kind of intensity to the other. And this intensity can frustrate others because it may be harder for you to keep track of the mundane details of life.
  • You probably felt very deeply and cared a bunch in a certain circumstance. However, since your feelings will be filtered through your thinking… you may come off as critical or aloof or angry instead. Watch for facial expressions, body language, clues that that person may have missed your intention. If it looks like you got the wrong response – ask them to share what they experienced and try again. Nuance is the key Not usually the domain of the bullet train brain who heads in one direction, on one track and sees only black and white as you careen toward your goal. Grey is not your favorite color in this instance.

Have you said out loud what you want and how you feel or are you expecting (or hoping) that others will read your very busy mind and heart?

  • And if you are focusing all of that intensity on something inappropriate, unrewarding or just plain boring, then frustrated you shall be. Imagine what it would be like owning a bookstore vs. writing the great novel; building stone walls vs. being a renown landscape architect. Frustration will most likely end in communication breakdown with family, coworkers, neighbors….



  • Complete Simian Lines on at least one hands are Higher in many Asian Cultures-

Chinese: 13.0 %
Koreans: 11.2 %
Kyushu Japanese: 9.2 %

Arabs & Berbers: 7.9 %

around 1+% in Caucasian Europeans

  • They are more common in men than women



Remember my 1st question to you? What do these folks have in common. You know the answer now.

hillary clinton, tony blair, lauryn hill, rober de niro

IN summary, listen to this short video in.

Now you get to look for more!! And learn their backstory to see how master vs. misunderstandings have played out in their lives. HAVE FUN!

And remember my promise to offer a Gift Markings Inspection. I’ll be running a special in a few weeks – so look for it!




  1. I’m female and have palmer creases in both hands. It’s kind of funny how I found I was different. I became interested in palmistry, and could never find my kind of lines in any of the models. It’s also funny that I fit in none of the ethnic groups you mention. And the heart, head part being together makes sense now, I absolutely feel what ever I’m thinking of. I always thought I was just overly sensitive, but now I see that others are able to separate thoughts from feelings. I wish I had known this a long time ago, I would have known why I feel so deeply.

    • Elena: So glad that this information confirmed your suspicions about your Palmar Crease. Hope you see the gift possibilities. May you thrive.
      ~ Janet

      • Ma’am i have simian crease on both of my hands.
        Can i talk to you privately.

        • Hello-glad you found the information on the Simian. Hope you found it helpful. I am happy to talk with you privately. I do charge for my consultations. Feel free to contact me at May you thrive!

    • OMG I felt the same way too.. I do have simian crease in both hands. And this is unbelievable. It is exactly who I am..

    • OMG I felt the same way too.. I do have simian crease in both hands. And this is unbelievable. It is exactly who I am..

  2. Nice articles on the gifts! Thank you, Janet!

    • Gracias, Ronelle. More to come. How perfect that we’re both focusing on Simians….I’m in the extreme drop out part of the Simian’s journey.

  3. Thank you for the positive explanation of simian crease. i am from Nepal, and i am not doing good in my life, since from my childhood i am suffering from anxiety. Every time i worry about my future. Not being focused on my studies, i couldnt complete my engineering. Reading your article, i think i got information about my gift and some positive energy too, hope i do good in my coming future. Thank you very much Janet. 🙂

    • Avishek, I am very pleased that this information on your Simian Crease helped you. I wish you well as you use this beautiful gift. I can imagine that the intensity that comes with it, would give you anxiety. Trust, breathe and focus. Many blessings.

  4. Hi Janet ma’am I am am Indian girl who has a simian line on my left hand and now I get it why I am so intense and have extreme emotions and thoughts running over my mind you are the first one to say some good things about simian line people I am glad I read this 🙂 Thankyou so much! Its really encouraging and I’ll work and focus more now on my studies.. Love and positive vibes always!..

    • Hello, Kasturi:

      I am so happy your found my post on the Simian Crease and that it helped you. Makes my heart sing. Glad you can focus more on your studies. Simians are good at focus once they find something that is exciting and worth focusing on! And love back to you too.

      ~ Janet

  5. Hey thank u for this post, I have 2 simian lines and I am a master ofschool of peace which I just found out.. Looking forward to working out my purpose and understanding it all more so.. Thank u again

    • Jessica, So glad you found hands. I wish you the best as you grow into your Life Purpose using that powerful Simian energy.

      ~ Janet

  6. know i have this since young. for greATNESS they said.. still envisioning or creATING my success. perhaps a need to unleash the energy within.

    • Here’s to unleashing your special gif.

      ~ Janet

  7. I have simian lines on my both hands. Is it good for me or bad ??

    • Satveer: There is no good or bad in person’s hands. That’s my belief. It depends on how you use the information. The Simian Crease is a gift marker. That doesn’t mean it feels like a gift/easy to unwrap and use. You have to understand how it operates – the upside and downside. I invite you to reread the post and decide how you can use it as a gift and how you can manage the penalty side. I wish you good luck and the focus that your Simians are calling you to do.

      ~ Janet

  8. Never really felt anything through out my childhood, thought i was depressed but little did i know my thoughts were the key. Straight A’s on every class i loved but failed every class i had no intrest in. I was always told that when i speak i was fanatic just go go go no slowing down never really getting my point across and now i know to jump into my buffer space or ill freak people out. Im so happy there’s away to master it and use to my advantage thank you janet 🙄🙄😏

    • Your response puts a smile on my face, Kyden. Yes! Simian owners can be intense and once focused can do incredible things. So go forth and be an master of something that you love.
      ~ Janet

    • Hello dear, I’ve a simian line on right palm. I am 24 now and life has been so hard on me. Until now I hadnt any knowledge of simian or anything regarding palmistry. I just came across it. I want to know how can I use my simian line as a gift. I’ve no idea what I am good in and don’t find any thing intresting. Please help.. . Thanking you in anticipation.

  9. Hi mam I am vijay from India and I have simian line on my both hand.
    As per my family baground is not sound that’s why I am not able to studying after 12 th but after 15 year gap I have completed my Diploma near 75 % so I analyze my self I have lot of consentration power.
    But there is one problem I am married and I am full of intense and energetic I am not able to matched or she is not able to me that’s why we always come to fighting each other.
    Now she is not able to understand me and we came to divorce please healp me what should I do.
    And I am now I am studied 3 rd year engineer I am not able to leave my study and she is not able to take house responsibility so please healp me.

    Thanks ,
    Vijay Raut.

    • Vijay: Sounds as if you are struggling with the challenges of your Simian/Palmar Creases. Difficult in deed. The good news is that you have used that ability to focus on what’s important to you and you completed your diploma. Remember, the owners of Simian Creases, have a different way of communicating that can seem intense and harsh. This is not always true so you have to teach others about what you mean and how you feel and what you need. Keep on with your studies and work hard on communicating clearly and kindly to those around you.

      Good luck! Janet

  10. Hi… i’ve simian lines on both hands … i want to know whether there is any past life connection as i am a believer in reincarnation and i feel that someone is my soulmate and one guy calls me as his brother but i don’t remember exactly anything . Is there any way to know what was my story and what is the purpose of mu life now….

    • Rahul: I do believe that we bring a Soul Contract to this life which includes your higher purpose. Perhaps we also meet people in this life who we have had a connection to in another. I am not sure about this, but am curious about the possibility.
      May you find your soulmates AND may you use the gift of your Simian Creases to your best advantage.
      My business if to work with individual to help them find their soul’s calling. If there is a time you’d like to set up an appointment with me, let me know.

      All the best on your journey,

      ~ Janet

  11. Hi
    I am 44 year old male with Simeon line on my left hand.
    Thanks for talking about This special line.
    Right now I am very confused with my future and feel sick every morning.
    Please help me what is best for me to do. I am a CPA CFA level 3 candidate and working in Real Estate industry.
    I feel that I am not using my education and knowledge to my work and it’s frustrating.

    • Ajit: I know how frustrating it is to be so talented and not being able to focus it, develop it and use it in an area you are passionate about.

      If you are sick every morning, please reach out to some for counsel – career, life, psychological counseling.

      I wish you full health and an avenue to use that Simian (intense creative energy) gift.

      ~ Janet

  12. I have headline meeting in middle of heartline forming simianline on my right hand.I am 61 years old Indian male.On same hand I am having another headline starting from middle of palm going straight downward.Left hand normal.How these two headlines may be explained.

    • Prabhat:
      Thanks for contacting me about your Simians. Counseling people is my business. I am always happy to work with people who are ready to see the truth in their gifts and potential as we look at your challenges.

      Simian owners are intense people. You must be interested and inspired by your work and life in order to use your gift of intense creative focus. Life is indeed dull and frustrating if you have not had the good fortune to find that path.

      You live in India, correct? I work with individuals from all over the world – via Skype or Zoom. If you are interested in working with me, we can discuss cost and how a session will benefit you.

      I wish the best on your path to channel that intensity.

      ~ Janet

  13. This is crazy. Now, it make sense to me why sometimes I’m extreme with my decision. But, what i’m struggling right now is making a right decision regarding my relationship with my fiancé. My mind is telling me that i should end my relationship with him but my heart says the opposite. Im still with my fiancé but i do struggle to maintain my relationship. He is really a great guy but when he does something that isn’t appealing to me, here comes my mind telling me to leave him. What i did to stay in this relationship is gave myself a distance from him at the same thinking about all the good traits he possess. Im not sure if im doing the right move but i want to stay in the relationship. I expressed to him about my feelings and frustrations. Lately. I have been questioning my trueself. Janet, is there any advice you can give to how make a decision? I moticed myself that if things is not going well in the end, i have this feeling of confusions. Sometimes i felt lost.

    • Mary: Thanks for sharing your dilemma. You have the answers inside of you.
      One of the challenges that Simian owners have is there tendency to overthink/over process (a mind thing). You will need to find ways to just unhook and allow your feelings about a situation to percolate to the top (a heart thing). What do you hold to be true deep inside? Trust what comes up – avoid “yes buts”. What is best for you? What do you want out life? Just some questions to feel about!!

      May you live the life that allows you to be you!

      ~ Janet

  14. I have simian line in my left hand but these days i can see that another straight line is appearing just above that simian crease. But now that im 21 years old is it possible? For i think that im too old to grow new lines. Anyway i would like to know what this means

    • Hello – Left Hand Simian!
      You’re hands are wired to your brain. As you experience life, your brain changes (neuroplasticity). Therefore you hands can change throughout your life – in big ways or small ways. However, your fingerprints never change. Hence they are like a Soul Print of possibilities.

      I can’t tell you what that new line means above your Simian. I suggest you find a good palmist who can help you. There are many traditions out there – so trust that you’ll find the right person.

      Best of luck to you,

      ~ Janet

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