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Four Ways to Find Your Way Home

Posted by on June 19, 2014 in Archetypes - Soul Psychology in the Fingerprints, Find Success and Happiness, Stories of Transformation | 0 comments

I live in Vermont, USA and that’s my home.  I try to live my Life Purpose everyday and that’s another kind of  home. I’m a Hand Analyst and I love my work and I feel at home.

Take a few quiet breaths now and say “I am home”.  What picture do you get, what do you mean by “Home”?

In this month’s musing, we’ll explore 4 ways to come home to your Life Purpose and see how it can transform all of your “homes”.  I’ll share a great TED Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert about coming home. And, I invite you to become the master navigator of your life using the map you had all along? That map is in your hands – literally and figuratively.  [See the HandTales Special Offer at the end of this post.]

“Home is where the heart is”
You’ve probably heard that one.
My favorite is:
“A person’s life purpose is nothing more than to rediscover,
through the detours of art or love or passionate work, those one or two images
in the presence of which his heart first opened.”  ~ Albert Camus

Here are 4 ways to find your way “Home” to your Life Purpose and to open your heart in the process. If you live your life from the highest view – through the lens of your Soul Map, then the choices you make on living location, relationships and work become easier and more in line with YOU.  Wouldn’t you love to nail your Life Purpose and to uncover what’s getting in the way by seeing how your Life Lesson operates on a daily basis?
Here we go:

  1. Believe that you have the answers at your fingertips
  2. Experience is required
  3. Commitment is essential to do what it takes to navigate the ups and downs
  4. Guidance may be needed outside of yourself

1. Believe that you have the answers at your fingertips

First of all you have to believe that you do have a unique Life Purpose. Once you’ve claimed it, yGrow Stronger - Ha!ou’ll be able give what you are here to give. To receive what you are here to receive.

Now you have to trust that the answers are there, you just need the tools to access them. Then – darn it! – to believe that there is a reason for the challenges you face over and over – those difficult patterns you wish would go away. This cartoon offers another version of “What ever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

2. Experience is required

You have a Soul Map found in your finger prints, imprinted indelibly 5 months before you were born. The way you use this map in real life circumstances is to experience life for periods of time – blind, blundering, clueless, or perhaps just getting by – until you get a wake up call. The wake-up call may be just aging and/or going through some transition. Or it may come in the form of some wham, whack, tsunami or several tsunamis. What ever it takes. In order to embody your Life Purpose and to work on the roadblocks, you have to experience your life – This is Your Life and come to believe that there IS a reason you are here.

Experience consciously noted can bring you greater perspective and perhaps a laugh or two. AND you get to Live your Life Purpose with an open heart…..AND you get to make clearer choices about the tangible realities of your life – like passionate work, love, creative expression, a home that is truly a home.

3. Commitment is essential to do what it takes to navigate the ups and downs

Shine a light on your purpose and the shadow gets darker Question. Are you committed to doing what it takes no matter what the circumstances in order to “Come Home”? I think you’ll get what I mean when you hear Gilbert’s TED talk. This is where the rubber hits the road – and the road ain’t all that smooth at times.

I have clients that come to me for some guidance and miss that this Life Purpose, Life Lesson stuff is hard work. That it is now up to them to navigate the ups and downs of their lives (both failure and success; happiness and sadness). They are going to face the dark night of their soul, especially as they shine the light on and step into their Life Purpose. We get tested….the brighter the light the darker the shadow. And, guess what? They are just learning to dance together and it is up to you to allow this to happen.

4. Guidance may be needed outside of yourself

Gotta start this one with, if it’s in your hands, it’s in your life. If it’s in your hands, the clues are inside of you. But how to access them and gain the wisdom in how to use the map to find your treasures…that’s the challenge. Sometimes we just need a little help.

First of all, I recommend that you hone your sixth sense to know when to back off, surrender and just be/receive a little more. There are guides all around us. Call it your spirit guides, your God, your angels, your animal totems…. they are there and awaiting your notice.

And then there are your human guides. Know when to reach out and ask for help.   Your human guides come in many guises as friends, family, and professional guides. And, of course, I can be one of those guides.

Don’t be shy – invest in your self – so that we can reap the benefits of your being here on this earth. If you need a little help and you think I can help you along the way, check out my special limited time offer below.

May you thrive and live a purposeful life. Come on home!


Elizabeth Gilbert talks about  coming “Home”:

To add another voice to our exploration, I wanted to share a short TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love. She shares her story eloquently about overcoming failure to return to her heart’s desire – to be a writer. Beyond obsession and beyond ego…what opens your heart and makes you feel that you are truly at “home”? What will it take to keep you heading home no matter what the external circumstances are in your life?
I never read her book or saw the movie, but this talk was so right on to me! Enjoy. Go Here to listen in.

Special Limited-time Offer for new and returning clients

Speaking of Guidance, #4, I have a special offer for those of you ready to jump in and come home.

My invitation: 
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