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Four Ways to Find the “One” You Are Looking For

Posted by on February 12, 2013 in Relationships | 0 comments

Do you have the “one” you have been looking for?

Check in with yourself for a moment:

  • I have a wonderful relationship; we are friends and lovers
  • I am in a relationship, but it needs work – lots of work
  • I want a relationship, but I can’t seem to find the “good ones”
  • I have relationships, but keep repeating the same self-defeating, disconnecting patterns
  • I never want a relationship again; it hurts too much and it’s too much work
  • I never want a relationship again; I fear I’ll lose myself in it
  • I’m actually pretty happy alone, so I’m not looking

If you agree with the first or last one, you may be doing just fine.  Pass this along to someone who identifies with the 5 other scenarios!

I guess I’m checking off the last one – I’m happy alone.  Married for 30 years, divorced for 5.  Feelin’ pretty good.  I do wonder tho’…… Maybe it is because I fear that I’ll lose myself or that it’s too much work.  Aren’t we all looking for a meaningful intimate connection?  One of the most common questions I get from clients is What do you see in my hands about relationships?” I don’t have a crystal ball, and I believe there are no reliable hand markers that depict a “tall dark stranger” coming into your life in the Spring!

What DO I say about finding healthy relationships and love?  There are many things to explore depending on the person.  Here are 4 universal ones that I hope you will enjoy and put into your relationship game plan:
1.  Discover, Claim and Learn to live your Life Purpose – Yes, I am biased.  I’m a Life Purpose Hand Analyst.  But you have to start there.  Living the authentic YOU is the only way you can attract those who see YOU because you see yourself clearly – no hedging here.

TRY THIS: Visit FAQ’s to get a clearer picture of what I am talking about and contact me.

2.  Fall in love with yourself first – Along these same lines…you have to accept yourself warts and all. Self-acceptance and knowing what you really need/desire must come first.

 “Love for others without the foundation of love for ourselves becomes a loss of boundaries, codependency, and a painful and fruitless search for intimacy. But when we contact our true nature, we can also allow others to find theirs.” Loving Kindness, the Revolutionary Art of Happiness, Sharon Salzberg, Shambala Press.

TRY THIS: Pretend you have signed up for the “ILoveMyself” dating service. You are listing your inner qualities (o.k., and inner challenges) to be matched with your outer actions. Now date yourself for a while. Meet yourself at a coffee shop or wine bar and live that inner self outwardly and boldly. Hone it, forgive the silly negative voices that come up, laugh…whatever it takes to accept yourself and love yourself.  Salud!

3.  Practice Vulnerability and Kindness with a Stranger –  One of the foundations of a good relationship is trust!

The powerful people who run our world want us to be afraid of others, especially if they do not look like us or are of a different religion or political persuasion. From fear and chaos comes opportunity. It is up to us to create the opportunity for relationship with a stranger…to heal and to increase trust. And, yes, this will aid in finding a partner!

What is the opposite of love?  Indifference.  ~ Elie Wiesel

TRY THIS: Walk down a busy street and notice the number of people who look down or away; the number who look troubled or angry. You might be one of them at times!!  Now, risk a smile or a friendly greeting, and note how powerful you are in transforming this stranger. You be the source for heart and you will feel better about yourself and will have touched the life of another.  Keep doing this and you’ll become a magnate for healthy relationships.  I Promise!

4.  Be true you’re your emotional style:  Your hands contain your emotional style.  Heard of the heart lines?  Are you the Passionate, fiery type, the nurturer, the stoic, the rational idealist?   How you express your emotions is one of the keys to finding that deep meaningful connections.  We say be true to your type and learn from your opposite.
TRY THIS:  Contact me, send me a photo copy of your hands and I will send you your emotional style with a summary for $19.95.  Contact me at  And visit these resources to learn about the 4 emotional styles.

Passionate, Nurturer, Stoic, Rational Idealist or Romantic Rationalist

I still get the questions at the end of a session – what do my hands say about relationships?  Will I find a loved one?  We all want to be loved and adored. I will stick by my premise – we cannot fill the hole with another unless we:
·      are growing into our Life Purpose
·      love ourselves first,
·      accept and engage with our neighbors no matter what they look like or believe in
·      understand our emotional style and accept those of others.

And one final note:  I do tell my clients, if you are out there looking for Mr or Ms Right, then just have fun and enjoy the journey, but don’t give yourself away until the package is whole.

Find that “one” you are looking for.  Your deserve it!

And you might not know that there are lots of FREE resources available to you – all about the power and magic of your hands.  Start Here. Become a member of the HandTales community to help you discover, claim and live your authentic story.  Lots of great resource for our members including 3 discovery recordings to jump start your journey.  Happy travels………

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