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Four Storytellers – Four Women Living on Purpose

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Four True Stories from Four Storytellers

My ex-husband used to call me a Metaphysical Snoop – I prefer to call myself a Storyteller looking for the key story line. That’s why I named my business HandTales. I help others claim their real story through their hands. To help them become true storytellers.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how grateful I am to have worked with thousands of seekers who are determined to find the doorway to a more fulfilling life. And I recently unearthed, or rather a friend unearthed, a short video I did 8-9 years ago. So I thought I would share some fabulous short stories from 4 amazing women including me! Women who have found their passion, taken big leaps and are living their true purpose in life. The result? Richer, on purpose, authentic lives spent inspiring others to step up to their calling and to contribute in their unique way.

Hope you enjoy a brief peek at their journeys and are exited to take the next steps on your path. Maybe you’ll be inspired to be one of these storytellers.

Introducing the The Four Women: Are you an authentic story teller like these 4 women?

Janet Savage, Master Hand Analyst and Teacher

Jan Reynolds, Adventurer, Author, Photographer, Motivational Speaker, Voted Most Interesting Women in Vermont, 2015

Jane Savage, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Andréa Takacs-Carvalho, Wellness & Spiritual Counselor


Each story is followed by how hand analysis helped them move forward.


Janet Savage

Storytellers-Janet Savage-HandTales

Master Hand Analyst, Teacher and Storyteller

Janet Savage shares why she chose hands to guide her life.

Listen in on My Story. I did this brief interview 11 years ago and just listened to it again. Wouldn’t say anything differently today.  Still passionate about what I do and love my life and the choices I’ve made. My hands offer the guideposts that give me the courage to do what it takes to thrive.

Jan Reynolds

Storytellers-Jan Reynolds

Adventurer, Author, Photographer, Motivational Speaker,

7 Days readers voted her the Most Interesting Women in Vermont, 2015

I’m a writer and photographer who just can’t get far enough away from it all! My favorite things are to escape to an extremeJan's Book

environment, and hang with the locals to learn about their culture, and their point of view.

And, if I get a chance to ski and climb while I’m at it, I’m truly happy! 

»» Author of 14 books for children including Vanishing Cultures Series, Parent’s Choice Award, CBC Notable Children’s Books

in Social Studies, American Book Sellers “Pick of the List”

»» Author of 2 books for adults: Everest Grand Circle, Mountaineers Publishing, and Mother and Child, Inner Traditions Publishing

»» Member of expeditions to: China, Tibet, Nepal, New Zealand, Australia, Lapland, Amazon Basin, Canadian Arctic, Mongolia,

Sahara. Held the women’s high altitude skiing record, sponsored by National Geographic.

»» One of America’s best known and articulate spoke’s person on mountaineering: appearances on ABC’s Good Morning America,

NBC’s Today, National Public Radio, New York Times, Merv Griffen, Hour Magazine, three adventure films.

»» Wilderness photographer/writer/lecturer for : National Geographic, Vogue, Esquire, New York Times, various ski and outdoor magazines, photo exhibit at New York’s Asia Society, and United Nations

~ Janet Reynolds •  a woman of many talents, • Stowe, Vermont

But….something was holding Jan back from doing the work she wanted to do NOW in her life. Here’s what she says about her session with me:

“Janet has an uncanny way of thin slicing to the core of a person’s essence, through reading hands. What this thin slicing does, is allow a person to slide under their superficial ego, and see what is brewing at the core of their being. We can often be blind to ourselves while being so insightful with others. Letting Janet be your mirror through reading your hands, will guide you both personally and professionally. She gave me a mirror to look into which will keep me improving for a long time. I was able see a big blind spot that is keeping me from finding the level of success I want.” 


Jane Savage (no relation to me!)

Storytellers-Jane Savage

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Jane Savage's formula for healthy livingAs a former collegiate athlete and tennis coach, I LOVE to empower people to dig deep and bring out their best. As a certified  integrative nutrition health coach, I trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and have been working with busy moms, corporations and families to improve their overall health and nutrition. I can be your fearless, fun and genuine health coach.  I believe in mastering the 5 Pillars of Health. When we master specific and realistic guidelines under the 5 Pillars of EAT, DRINK, THINK, REST, MOVE – we are well on our way to achieving optimal health.

~ Jane Savage, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,, New York State

Here’s what Jane says about how a hand analysis session helped her launch her successful business:

“I’ve put your recommendations into practice, including taking time everyday to “unplug”. Let’s just say that my garden has no weeds in it! I really want to thank you for the session, it was reaffirming and appreciate your wisdom.

I’m less angry and try to focus on me and take the quiet time. Something funny, my girls were playing the CD player and heard some of my recording. My 5 year old said “ahhh, mommy is a hermit, she is a hermit crab”. It was funny. My husband is super supportive also.

You helped me take the leap into building my health coaching business. I’ve found my passion in life and now I’m doing something about it.  It’s to help people prioritize their health with confidence and without the guilt.”



Andrea Takacs-Carvalho

Storytellers- Andrea Takacs-Carvalho

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I am Andréa Takacs-Carvalho, a Wellness and Spiritual Counselor, self-care mentor, shamanic practitioner, climate justice advocate, plant-base-diet proponent, life-long environmentalist. I’m passionate about promoting the healing of people and our planet Earth. I’ve been has

Sample of some programs Andrea is part of.

Sample of some programs Andrea is part of.

been working on myself and my spiritual path for over two decades.

Born in Brazil, I had an inner-call to begin my spiritual journey 25 years ago. Five years later I was initiated by a Brazilian Shaman in both Brazilian and North American traditions. Through my practices and study of different spiritual paths, including Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity, I spent many years helping people, offering aura and chakra energy healing. I’m also a certified massage therapist, integrating restorative touch and  Cherokee Body Work as part of the treatments. I hosts a monthly NY Shamanic Women’s Circle, helping women to connect with the Sacred Feminine, and am now working on a Womb Awakening Apprenticeship Program.

Also trained as an electrical engineer, in recent years, I held positions as project manager in this field. Although I had good positions and was respected for my skills, I yearned to get back to my passion for spiritual healing. After taking this leap of faith  to leave my job I also got pregnant – a wish of mine of many years. There are no coincidences!

~ Andrea Takacs-Carvalho, Wellness and Spiritual Counselor,, New York City


Here is what Andrea says about how her hand analysis session helped her make a leap of faith – to leave a successful career to follow her passion:

“It has been over 9 months since we had our session, and I honestly cannot describe to you in how many ways my life changed for the better, that my unique potential has been unleashed. I am the happiest I have ever been in the 40 years of existence. Janet, you were the perfect support for me to open my gifts to myself and the world, and I am grateful for that.”


If you’re ready to take you’re own leap of faith – end of a relationship; facing retirement; yearning to leave a job and go out on your own….., contact me.  We’ll write the next chapter of your story together. We’ll add YOU to our list of true storytellers!


May you Thrive,

~ Janet




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