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Book me for a Presentation or a Workshop

Do you have a group of friends or colleagues who meet regularly? How about a community group or a center for body, mind and spirit practitioners?  How about a retreat or conference coming up? Need dynamic speakers for a short presentation or a full day or weekend workshop?

As a Life Purpose Hand Analyst, I help you can enter the transformational world of hands from several doorways as you may have discovered already.  One great way to get a true taste of how your hands can guide you is to book me for a presentation or a workshop. The starting point for all my presentations is through the powerful information residing in your palms and your fingerprints.  Some are FREE.  I offer this, because I believe so strongly that your hands can guide you to the life you want and I want you to open that first door.

hands in a circle during a workshop

Here are some presentation and workshop topics I can offer with approximate length.

  • Five Ways to Make Peace with Your Resistance and Laugh a little along the way • 1 hr
  • Four Ways to Find the One You’re Looking for • 1 hr
  • Service, Love, Wisdom or Peace – what is your Major here at Earth University?
  • What if You Lived Your Life Purpose? How do you find it and what would it feel like? • 1 – 2 hrs
  • Four Fingered Sales Savvy – How to build relationships and make sales • 1 –  2 hrs
  • You Can’t Do It Alone – the Power of Healthy Collaborations with your Life Mates, Play Mates and Team Mates • 1 – 2 hrs
  • Don’t You Just Love a Good Story? How our personal stories effect our business story.  Learn to craft your authentic story. 1 – 2 hrs (can be adapted for a personal growth group – non business)
  • Hand Reading Circles – for groups of 10-12. Go here for more information • 3 hrs

There are many more options and descriptions for a full day or weekend Workshop. These are just a few ideas for you and can be adapted to business and personal groups.

Janet teaching a Workshop - Five ways to make peace with your resistance

Janet facilitating 5 Ways to Make Peace w/Your Resistance

A sample of what participants are saying about a presentation or workshop:

THANKS for your wonderful storytelling presentation. I love the idea of spinning a new story about who we are based upon what is important to us – not just relying on the narratives passed down from our childhood. You are the picture of unruffled grace.

~ M.C.J., Voice Over Expert

The exercise we did on crafting our story was powerful.  At first, I just described what I do.  When I shared WHY I do what I do, my partner in the exercise really got it!  Powerful stuff.  To add,  you seem so authentic and self confident, great messages.  Nice presentation.

~H.C., Wealth Manager

Wow!  I am not a right brain person so it’s hard to get at my issues from this place. When I did the exercise, I had a real aha moment….I “got” why I am so resistant to taking money for what I love to do.  Thanks, Janet.

~ B.T., Real Estate Agent


Contact me to discuss the possibilities for your group. I’ll send you lots more testimonials from participants.


Can’t wait to have fun and move your group to the next level – personally or in business. Here’s to the perfect presentation or workshop for your group.