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Host a Hand Reading Circle

9 – 11 in the Hand Reading Circle (including the host)
Cost is: $30/per person

Do you have a sense of adventure and love to gather people?  Are you ready to introduce your friends/family/colleagues to the transformational power of hands?  Then a Hand Reading Circle is right for you.

Why hands? Your hands offer the most complete picture of YOU and all aspects of your life. They reveal the special gifts you have to create personal passion and focus and to assure healthy relationships. They also contain the tools for coping with the stresses of everyday life.


Hand Reading Circle - celebrating what they shared

A gathering of many hands

A Hand Reading Circle in Colorado

Inspecting their own hands

Discover what's in your Hands with your favorite people

Discover what’s in your Hands with your favorite people

The benefits for your guests

Witness how even short readings in a Hand
Reading Circle can illuminate life purpose
consciousness, uncover hidden talents, and, of
course, foster fun with fellow hand owners!

The benefits for you

Earn a Private Consultation with me in return for
organizing and hosting a group. Experience your
friends, family and colleagues at a deeper and richer
level in a safe, fun and unique atmosphere.

Who should you invite?

Invite anyone who is open to new and enriching
experiences. Do you have family gatherings, client
appreciation events, a group of friends or colleagues
that meets regularly for networking, education or
spiritual growth? The best size? Minimum 10 &
maximum 13 people. Have 5 or 6 in mind? That’s
all you need to start. The rest will follow!

That was so much fun! Your easy expression of the vast knowledge you have and the intuitive manner with which you deliver information is mind boggling. This is truly a gift that you have. Thank you for sharing it with us and enlightening those of us who are consciously on a journey of personal growth. – Host, Brenda McCarthy Heirlooms Resale, CO

This was true self-discovery; something rarely done in groups – a real opportunity to share what we love and who we are.  The benefit to me as a host was the pleasure of having my friends and colleagues in my home for this one of a kind evening. ~ Host, Celine Perrin, Interior Designer, OR

I could not believe that in the few minutes we spent together you ended up knowing me better than anyone in the room… knowing me better than anyone in my life!  It is an amazing craft and you are certainly excellent at it. You were spot on and I found myself thinking “this woman GETS me”! Incredible. Very, very cool.  ~ Guest, Susan Harold, Health Administrator

Let’s get started. Contact me to set up a time to chat, and then I will send you simple guidelines and a promotional flier for you to adapt right away. Don’t live in Vermont? Remember, I may be traveling to your area, so let’s compare calendars. We’ll make your Hand Reading Circle a smash hit!