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Events/Engage Me

Book me for a presentation

HandTales offers many avenues to engage in learning the incredible information residing in your hands.  You can enter this magical world from several doorways as you may have discovered already.  One great way to get a true taste of Hand Analysis is to book me for a presentation.  Some are FREE and some are reasonably priced.   I offer this, because I believe so strongly that your hands can guide you to the life you want and I want you to open that first door.

Do you have an ongoing group of friends or colleagues, a community group or a center for body, mind and spirit practitioners, a classroom, a speaking spot at a conference or retreat? Here are some of the topics I can offer with approximate length.

  • 5 Ways to Make Peace with Your Resistance – 45 min – 1 hr
  • Are you the One You Are Looking For?  Relationship styles and tips for finding the right “one” – 1 hr
  • Don’t You Just Love a Good Story? Learn from the Story of the Eagle and the Lady Bug – It’s all about perspective 1 hr
  • What if You Lived Your Life Purpose? How do you find it and what would it feel like? 1 – 2 hrs
  • Four Fingered Sales Savvy – How to build relationships and make sales 1 – 2 hrs

There are many more options.  These are just a few ideas for you and can be adapted to business and personal groups.

Contact me to discuss the possibilities for your group.