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Client Raves

A small sample of
client raves!

Kate Paine, Kate Paine and Associates, Marketing and PR;
Dr. Erin Sepic, Synergic Health, Chiropractor;
Mary Jackson, Women at the Wheel, Corporate Trainer
Client raves include how their hands unblocked them. How the information helped them believe in themselves. How they learned to claim their power. How they found the courage to say no so that they can say yes to themselves. How they found what kind of contribution they are here to make. You can come away transformed too!

Debbie Franklin-Janet's ClientThe session helped me to get back on track. I really just “took my power back” so to speak and instead of allowing others to guide what was happening, we had conversations on what wasn’t working and what I needed to do in order to have things work. How is that for finding my voice and stepping up! Thanks again for your insights, Janet!

~ Debbie F.,, Arkansas

Sabine, Janet's Client“Thank you most sincerely for shining a light onto my life – it was a profound experience….I was amazed at how easy it is to see my own picture once someone pointed it out to me, and how so much of my life struggles relate directly back to my life lesson.

I have changed the way I am in the world because of your hand analysis. I have stepped up to the challenge of being courageous in all things (very helpful when talking with financiers etc).

~ Sabine B., Farmer & Healer, Mirangur Australia

Allison Bliss, Janet's Client“Janet is a true master guide. For me, having her reveal – through lines and shapes in my hands – my lifelong areas of struggle (taking care of my body, not pushing myself so hard) and my passion (communicating to groups), helped me come to terms with both sides of my self which has benefited both my business and my personal journey. She helped me understand that my struggles and life lessons go hand in hand (pun intended), like yin & yang, and showed me how to interpret this wisdom in a truly fun and profoundly revealing way.

~ Allison B., Marketing & Communications,, Oakland, CA

Julie Fraser, Janet's Client

I was reviewing the recording you made and it made me smile and consider how far I’ve come on my journey (reluctantly). It’s been 4 years ago now, and I feel that was the energetic beginning of an entire new soul and life purpose awareness for me. It launched a second career – my new venture Present Source. Your gentle nature and penetrating analysis have supported me in this journey. Integrating spirituality and my intuition more fully has been so critical, just as you said it would be – and balancing that with intellect. You talked about me becoming an Inspirational communicator in business. And my new business is just that – inspiring people to be their personal best at work. ~ Julie Fraser, Owner, Present Source,

Annemarie Miner, Janet's ClientI had this amazing experience where I was able to learn my life purpose and life lesson. I was in my bliss for the whole session. Janet is fabulous! I heard about hand analysis from a few sources; what really helped me choose my hands to guide me was the scientific basis of the system and then I met Janet. She seemed knowledgeable and I knew I could work with you. And now, I have stepped up in my relationships to be speaking my truth and share what I need more. It has truly shifted these relationships and increased my self belief. And she helped me step out more in my business – she even inspired my tag line – Miner Wisdom for Major Change!

~ Annemarie Miner, Certified Geriatric Care Mgr, Vermont

I was recently retired and in the middle of refocusing my life. This seemed like a unique approach. When I realized it had a strong scientific foundation and was not fortunetelling, I decided this might be what I was looking for to help me confirm and clarify my thoughts and feelings. It has helped me to more completely align my outer world with my inner world.

I have a whole new way to look at myself that feels authentic and right. I’ve come to know myself so much better through my hands.

~ Judy Binder, Retired Educator, Massachusetts

Madeleine Eno, Janet's ClientIt was so intriguing that my Life Purpose could be revealed in my hands; what a compelling route to discovery. Knowing my School of Service – the Lone Tree version – has helped me realize what I do to myself; it gives me a lot of compassion for my busy little brain…it helps me in my business when I want to go overboard and give away my services or over-promise. Now I am doing better with serving my self and pausing for a little self care.

I felt it connected a lot of dots and that just knowing my Life School is powerful. I have referred lots of people to Janet .

~ Madeleine Eno, Writer, Oregon,

Nancy Horton, Janet's ClientMy sessions with Janet surpassed my expectations. The first two were were mind boggling in that she affirmed the reason I enjoy storytelling and writing so much. The traits are hardwired into me. Janet confirmed that while I develop as a storyteller, I need to work on the social aspect of storytelling’s downside. Stay tuned in to my audience and pick up their signals.

When I had the tune up session, Janet helped me realize if I just listen to my gut, I will always stay on the right path. By pointing out what I’m hardwired to do and learning to trust my gut, Janet inspired me to keep writing and zero in on my memoirs. And I’m now a regular online blogger for my local paper.

~ Nancy Johnsen Horton, University Administrator and Writer, California

Janet, It was amazing how everything connected. It was like you knew me for 45 years. Very cool.

I have been changing things and focusing on the things we talked about… exercise, planning vacation, and She Explores. 2 minutes ago a major outdoors company asked me to send them information so they could post and help me get my group up and running. I have been road biking with a group from Eastern Mountain Sports and they want to help me! I have put just about 400 miles on my bike in the last two months, lost 10lbs, completed roughly 49 hours of yoga, taken 5 paddle trips, and am headed to Sedona and the Grand Canyon to hike for my birthday! Life is moving forward and in a good direction!

Thank you for everything you have done for me. My eyes have been opened and you were a huge part of that. I thought you should know.

~ Mary Clark, Photographer, Pennsylvania

Jane Savage, Janet's ClientI have really put your recommendations into practice. Including taking time everyday to “unplug”. Let’s just say that my garden has no weeds in it! I really want to thank you for the session, it was reaffirming and appreciate your wisdom.

I’m less angry and try to focus on me and take the quiet time. Something funny, my girls were playing the CD player and heard some of my recording. My 5 year old said “ahhh, mommy is a hermit, she is a hermit crab”. It was funny. My husband is super supportive also.

And, I have finally taken the leap into building my health coaching business. I have really found my passion in life. Help people get healthy, one nourishing habit at a time.

~ Jane Savage, Health Coach,, New York